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Gerard Way?

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Yeah, him. Dabble...

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It wasn't really a style, not to Gerard, it was more a way of life. That feather boa was his life. He loved that thing. Ludicrous, I know. But that's just Gerard for you. Ludicrous to the mother fucking sexy, not to mention sassy bone.

Ah well, I still love him for it. I love him. Everything. From the fluffy feather boas to the angry zombie of a man he became when he's deprived of his early morning caffein. Well. Maybe not so much the last part, but you catch my drift. I love Gerard. I really, really do.

Love him. Well, I suppose he does feed me skittles. In very peculiar ways, might I add. Ways that should happen more often, if I do dare to add.

My short way of saying happy birthday!
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