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I need your opinions please! I'm begging..

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Okay so I know it seems as if I have dropped off of the face of the Earth. I guess I kind of did but I have my reasons. I've been having some personal issues lately and I've just about had enough. My "best friend" is bullying me, I'm being bullied by another girl who thinks I'm trying to "mess with her man" (he isn't her man; he has a girl friend..the bully is just psycho), and my parents are having issues as well. There's other little trivial things that I won't bore you with but it has upset me enough I couldn't write. Hell, I still can't. I've never reached this point before and it's scaring me to death. I've contemplated suicide many a time but quickly pushed it out of my mind. All of this is stemming from the bullying.

Well, you may be asking yourself "Why is she just rambling on like this about nothing?" and I'm about to tell you. That's just background information so you won't be in the dark. Anyway, I was driving home tonight and thinking about the whole situation when it hit me. Why not get back at the bullies? My school is cracking down on bullying but it's not enough. I read an article in Seventeen about a girl that faked her own pregnancy as an experiment to see how people would react and to prove to them that you shouldn't judge. Tell me if you think I'm crazy but I was thinking of starting my own anti-bullying campaign. How would they feel if we got our voices and stood up to them? My friend Taylor said that I should fake my own suicide but that's taking it too far in my opinion. I just know that I am sick and tired of crying over this and I'm sure you all are sick and tired of it as well. It's time someone took a stand. Who's with me? Or is it a crazy idea and I should just give up?
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