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"There was a perfectly cute girl in this city, and he was going to find her!" Drabble.

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[Title]: Photo
[Pairing]: Tatsuha/Maiko
[Rated]: PG
[Disclaimer]: All characters belong to Maki Murakami and co. (i.e. not me)
[Warnings]: Some profanity
[Author's Note]: I really like this couple. :D Expect more from them in the future! Anyway, please enjoy.

Shuichi set his suitcase down into the bedroom with a jarring /thunk/, panting and stretching his abused arms. "God, that's /heavy/!"

"What did you pack in here?"

"Just a bunch of clothes and stuff..." Shuichi straightened his back and looked up at Tatsuha beside him. "Oh, thanks for watching the place for us while we were gone, Tatsuha-kun!"

Tatsuha's lips curled into a smirk, waving his hand dismissively. "It was no problem at all." Really, it wasn't. Crashing at your older brother's pad and escaping Kyoto for a weekend was a blessed offer. As long as the place was properly equipped with beer and smokes and porn.

"I hope you weren't too bored here!" Shuichi gestured for Tatsuha to help him carry the suitcase to the bed, and they both squatted and lugged it over, plopping it down and making the bedsprings groan beneath it. "Heh. Thanks." The singer unlatched his suitcase and flung the top open, his clothes stuffed there in disarray.

Tatsuha quirked an eyebrow. Even his bedroom wasn't that messy. "It's fine."

"So, anyway," Shuichi continued, unpacking his things, "Me and Yuki went to Osaka, right? It was so crazy in the airport when we finally got there Friday, but we managed to not get lost, which is always miraculous since I seem to get lost all the time and Yuki never asks for directions or anything, so-"

Helping fold Shuichi's clothes as he yanked them out, Tatsuha sat on the corner of the bed, half-listening. Damn, did he talk a lot. No wonder Eiri had gone to hide in the bathroom first thing when they arrived home.

A glitter from beneath some sweatpants caught Tatsuha's eye, and he paused, peering into the suitcase curiously. It was a picture in a frame. He could only recognize Shuichi in what looked like a family photograph, though the singer appeared to be a few years younger and had dark hair. Right beside Shuichi was a petite brunette, her hair in a ponytail over one shoulder, eyes similar to Shuichi's shining brightly at the camera. She was wearing a pretty, black dress, the hem ending in a wavy curl just above her knees. She couldn't have been older than fifteen or sixteen. Tatsuha stared at her, a little fascinated. "Who's this?"

Shuichi paused, looking up at Tatsuha quizzically. "Huh?" He leaned over to stare down into the photograph, and his mouth eased into a smile. "Oh! That's my family! I think I was like... seventeen then. I can't remember."

"Who is /this/?" Tatsuha pointed to the girl.

"That's my little sister, Maiko-chan! God, she's so cute, isn't she? Man, that reminds me. I have to respond to her e-mails tonight. She might think I've forgotten her or something!" Shuichi suddenly jumped from the bed, and made a beeline for the door. "Shit! I left the kettle on, didn't I?! I'll be right back!" He disappeared out the door, and Tatsuha sat there in silence, the picture frame in his hand.

He blinked down at the photo. Maiko-chan, hmm? She was beautiful, really hot. Maybe Shuichi could introduce them? Hook them up or something? Heh. Yeah. Like that was going to happen.

He heard a door creak open, and Eiri walked in a second later, scrubbing a towel through his wet hair. "Hey."

Tatsuha looked up a bit in surprise, setting the photo back down with Shuichi's things a little too quickly. "Uh, hey."

Eiri gave his brother a skeptical look, but shrugged it off. Whatever. Who knew with Tatsuha?

"Well, I've got school tomorrow," Tatsuha said, standing from the bed and patting the sides of his jeans. "I better be on the road now."


"Nice seeing you again," he murmured as he started out the door, though his eyes were looking down at the bed. At the picture frame laying there.

"Likewise, I guess." Eiri pushed a pile of Shuichi's clothes aside and sat down on the bed, yawning. "And thanks."

"No problem, Eiri."

Tatsuha stood in the doorway there for a few seconds longer, then strode out. Passing Shuichi along the way, he bid the singer goodbye, grabbed his leather jacket by the door, slipped on his shoes, and left their apartment. His motorcycle was parked outside, and hopefully still where he'd left it. And all the while, Tatsuha still couldn't stop thinking about that girl in the photo. He didn't know why, but she had just left such an impression on him.

Revving his bike in the cool, evening air, Tatsuha looked back at the apartment building, and vowed to come back again to inquire more about this Maiko-chan later. There was a perfectly cute girl in this city, and he was going to find her!

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