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Just an idea.

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Doctor Who/MCR crossover anyone? I'd appreciate feedback.

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Hi :) okay, so I know I have two stories on the go already but this idea came into my head I just like, squealed and freaked out.

So basically, The Doctor is travelling in the TARDIS with a girl called Hannibal Taylor and one time, they land in New Jersey (y'all can probably see where this is going) and they bump into Gerard Way. Gerard is intrigued so he follows them, etc etc. I won't tell you the whole story line because that would ruin the surprise but, never fear, I know exactly what's gonna go down. Frank and Mikey and Ray will appear eventually, never fear.

It would be with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) because he's my favoutite. I would do thirteen episodes, like a real series, and each episode would be say, 3/4 parts posted separately maybe? I think that would work better.

What do you guys think? Good idea or not? I dunno, I'll only post it if I'm actually pleased with my writing because I love Doctor Who and I dont wanna ruin it.

Thank for reading.

P.S Bitchy, selfish comment coming up: if you haven't already read my sorties I would appreciate it if you checked them out because I feel my readers are slowly dropping.
Thank again. Ciao.
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