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The Oncoming Storm & Co.

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The Doctor travels around time and space with a girl, called Hannibal Taylor. But one day, he bumps into Gerard Way, and none of their lives will ever be the same again.

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Hey, so. Thank you for the reviews on my little idea post thingy, I have the whole series pretty much mapped out now. This is the prologue and it's really short but don't worry, I'm already working on episode 1 and we will definitely be meeting Gerard soon. Enjoy,

The Doctor turned to look at Hannibal in the TARDIS. Her icy blue eyes were practically glowing in the light from the control panel and her face wore a tired expression. She raised one eyebrow at the Time Lord, a strand of her wavy, ebony hair falling onto her face.
'What?' he asked, defensively. She shook her head and tucked her hair behind her ear.
'New Jersey? Really? One minute we're riding a plasma storm out to the forgotten regions of the Medusa Cascade and now we've landed in New Jersey in...?' 
'2012,' The Doctor replied.
'Present day. This just keeps getting better. We could have gone back to the 1930's and run into the mafia or something exciting like that,' she stated. The Time Lord sniffed and gave the young girl a winning frown.
'Ohh, come on! I told you, I got an obscure reading on the bioscanner, couldn't pass it up. And besides, it might just be the most exciting place you've ever been to,' he argued. She gave him a sceptical look. 
'When have I ever let you down?' The Doctor asked, flashing her his toothiest grin. She smiled back and ducked her head before stepping towards him.
'Come on then, Mr.Alien,' she said, offering him her arm, 'let's see what wonders modern day New Jersey has to offer.' He smiled at her before linking his arm through hers and walking towards the doors of the spaceship.
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