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Chapter Eight

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A week later...

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I walked around the house in the early hours of the morning looking for Kurt. I checked the kitchen then the living room then the basement and finaly Franny's room. I opened the door to see Kurt in the extra wide crib balled up in the fetal position next to Franny. I smiled and poked him in his side, "Kurt, wake up." I chuckled. He jumped and put himself over Franny as is he were protecting her, "No." He gasped groggily. "Are you okay?" I asked as I pushed his hair out of his face. "Yeah. Bad dream he said kissing Franny and climbing out of the crib. He pulled me close and hugged me tightly. "I love you." He whispered. "I love you too. Is everything alright?" I asked. "No." He sighed, "Last night Dave called he said that there's some case and that CPS is taking Fran. It's all over the news." "What? Why? How?" I asked peeking over at Fran, "Where will she go?" "She can go with Dave or-" Kurt began. "Hell no. She can't go with him!" I screamed, "He can barely take care of himself!" I sobbed into his shoulder...
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