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7- Who Will Live?

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Spencer makes her decision but in the end does it really matter?

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(Random authors note: My favorite hair wash is Herbal Essence. I was quite upset to learn that it is tested on animals. I’m now currently looking in to shampoos/conditioners that do NOT test on animals. I generally attempt to only buy products not tested on animals. Anyone know of any cruelty free shampoos/conditioners? Also, quite possibly the shortest update ever. I apologize a million times+ some for that but I really, really needed to update this! I’ll be updating again shortly actually. I’m on the edge of finishing it!)


"Hello." I spoke to the empty room, hoping Gerard wouldn't wake up. If he did I would feel completely idiotic. "Mr. Fate guy?" I called out, hoping he wasn't taking some sort of break.

Thankfully he didn't keep me waiting. The creep himself appeared in front of me. "Yes?"

"I want Gerard to live." I said, wondering if he'd let me decide without Gerard.

"He killed you and yet you would stay dead for him?" Fate asked, raising his eyebrow in utter confusion.

"Yes. Must I explain myself?"

"Nah. Just wanted clarification." Fate said, shrugging.

"Um so... When will Gerard live again?" I was so confused as to how this would work. What exactly would happen to me?

"You have until the clock strikes midnight tonight." Fate said, staring at the clock behind me. "Then Gerard will go back to his human life."

"Thank you." I whispered but he had already disappeared once again. It didn't particularly matter however. I slowly walked back to Gerard's old bedroom, thinking I'd get to spend some time with him.

How could I be so stupid though? Death wasn't held to any standards. Fate was simply a lacky. Why would he be honest with me?

My mind felt clear as my body hit the ground, sinking beneath the house. The darkness took over and I no longer knew what was to become of Gerard and I.
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