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On My Doorstep

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Pete just wants him safe. Mikey just wants him to stop worrying. Short PIKEY one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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On My Doorstep

“Please, Pete, just forget about it. It’s nothing.”

I stare at him incredulously, not even trying to hide my shock at his sheer stupidity as he just stands in front me, fidgeting in the awkward way that I love him for. Apart from he’s normally smiling or blushing when he does it. Not gnawing on his lip, tears wet on his face and a black-eye drowning his beautifully huge brown eyes.

“Nothing? It’s a fucking black eye, Mikey.” My voice is strained in both pain at seeing my sweet little boyfriend injured and in effort to stop myself from flat-out yelling at the shaking kid on my doorstep; where he always runs after school because he knows that I’ll look after him way better than anyone else can. “Would Gerard call it ‘nothing’?”

At the mention of his big brother, Mikey’s un-swollen eye widens and fixes me with the most beseeching stare he can muster. The kind that’s synonymous with me giving into him because, let’s face it, who can resist Mikey Way’s most adorable puppy-dog face? Certainly not I, especially when it comes with the promise of his swoon-worthy kisses and rib-creaking snuggles. Normally he can give me that look and whatever he wants will be his the split second he asks for it. Normally, though, he doesn’t have a coffee coloured stain around his left eye.

So I just cross my arms in front of my chest, letting him know that I’m not letting this go. How can I? He’s fourteen, skinny and too sweet to be getting this kind of treatment. Not to mention only just recovering from the last time they beat him up, leaving him barely able to walk. At least Gerard and I saw to it last time that none of them could stand for a week afterwards. He’s my boyfriend too, something that means more to me than having a cute boy on my arm whenever we go out, something that means I protect and look after him. No matter what.

If I didn’t I think Gerard would most likely pull my lungs out through my mouth. If he was in a good mood.

“Someone hurt you, Sweetness. You can’t expect me to just not care.” I whisper as his eyes fall once more to the floor, tears trickling down his face like acid rain on a stunning statue. “C’mere, let’s get you inside so I can get some ice on that eye.” He nods, slumping forward and into my now open arms like a battered ragdoll. “And then we’re phoning Gerard, okay?”

I may be sixteen and more than old enough to deal with this sort of thing, but right now I think what Mikey needs his big brother. The guy who can connect with Mikes as though they’re the same person because they’re best friends and brothers, not to mention protector and protectee. Which is why I’ve got to call Gee, he’ll want to know that Mikey’s hurt and that it was most definitely not an accident. That kids at Mikey’s school have started picking on him again and that the two of us need to teach the bastards exactly who they’re messing with before it gets too out of hand like it did last time.

I’ll never let it get that bad again, never let it get to the point where the poor little angel is too frightened to even talk when I do eventually find him on the restroom floor. And neither will Gee; you see, me and the older Way brother have this kind of pact when it comes to Mikey’s safety. Someone hurts him, we make them hurt twenty times worse. We agree that it’s our jobs as boyfriend and big brother to look after him, it also just so happens that we work extremely well together when it comes to my Mikey’s protection. However, the second one of us steps out of line with the kid is the split second that the pact is broken and blood is shed.

Not that that will ever happen. We care about Mikey far too much for that.

“No.” He sniffles as my hands wander aimlessly over his back in a discrete attempt to find any signs of a more serious beating. “No, you can’t tell Gee. He’ll only worry a-“

“Of course he’ll worry, Mikey! He’s your big brother, it’s his job to worry about you when you’re hurt, Sweetness.” I press my lips to his forehead, willing him to understand just how precious he is to us. “Don’t you think that I’m worried that you’ve shown up on my doorstep with a goddamned black eye?”

I feel him flinch at the harsh tone in my voice, my frustration creeping in even though I know it’s imperative that I stay calm and soothing for the sake of my poor little angel. It’s the last thing he needs right now for me to lose my temper with the fact that someone so sweet could be treated so cruelly.

“Sorry, Sweetness, I didn’t mean to shout at you.” He just nods, rattling me with how quickly the damp patch in my chest is expanding. “I just don’t like it that people are hurting you. You’re far too precious for that.” I tilt his chin up with my hand, wincing at how huge the bruise is becoming and at how horrifically tear-drenched his pretty little face is. “I love you far too much to just forget about it.”

“I love you too, Pete.” His soft little mewl melts my heart and forces me to pull him into me once more, the two of us stood together on my doorstep, not caring that rain is starting to patter down on us.

“Then do you understand why I worry about you so much?”

“No, not at all. But I do understand that I love the way it makes me feel.”

A/N: I felt the sudden urge to write some Pikey fluff, so here it is. Hope you liked it! :)
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