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My HOWL poem for English. Formated after HOWL (I can't think of a better title) by Allen Ginsberg

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I saw the greatest minds of my generation destroyed by noise.

Who lay awake at night listening to sirens and screams in the dark.

Who hum false words of stupid rumors.

Who breathe lies themselves to put joy in their pointless lives.

Who are told they are wrong by the worn voices of the old.

Who seek a permanent silence from the constant buzz.

Who sit, not able to take the never ending fighting of a husband and wife.

Who are forced to cover their ears.

Who have yelled to the blue sky full of chirping birds “Shut the fuck up.”

Who has had their lives ruined with the simple clicking of a phone.

Whose mind is tainted by the preaching of others.

Who speak their mind and scorns others.

Whose music is a sin in the eyes of the quite.

Whose parents don’t bother hiding their raised voice in late hours.

Who love the sound of blood dripping down into the gutter to be washed away by a spring’s shower.

Whose lullaby was the echo of gun shots.

Who hangs from poisonous word uttered by painted lips.

Who mutters to themselves what they fear to say out loud.

Who murmurs chants and spells of joy and hatred.

Who gladly spread secrets like swine flu.

Who needs to make noise every second of every day to maintain the slight sanity they have.

Who with every breath is slowly dying.

Who with cries of pain have their lives ended.

Who with smiles of joy end their own.

Who sing for those with stage fright.

Who silences the ones brave enough to speak out.

Who listens without really hearing.

Who speaks the words nobody else will.

Who sings the lyrics nobody would even write.

Who breathes in the cool air of the scream polluted night.
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