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Josie (A Mike Fuentes fanfic)

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Josie gets closer to the others, especially Mike.

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Josie ~ part one.

I was awoken on a sunny saturday morning by my phone ringing. Still half asleep i reached for my phone on my cabinet beside my bed.
'Hello?' I sleepily croaked.
'Morning beautiful, Its Mike. Me and the boys are having Mexican night today, was wondering if you and Ivy wanted to come?' Mike asked.
'I'd be happy to join you, I'm sure Ivy will be too. What time would you like us to be round?' I asked.
'As soon as you can.' He told me.
'Okay, we'll be there in less than an hour. Bye'. I ended the call.
I showered and got ready putting on some black tights and denim shorts with a black veil brides top. I wore my red converse and put eye liner on then went to find Ivy.
Ivy was already ready when i found her, sitting in the frontroom smiling at her phone. Her hair was wavy and tumbled down her shoulders neatly. She was wearing a black top reading 'fur is dead' with a bunny rabbit underneath and a black skirt teamed with grey knee high socks and black trainers. She had racoon eye make up on. As I walked ito the room she looked up and smiled at me.
'Ready?' She asked.
I nodded and we walked out the house. I had never been to Mike's house so I followed Ivy round the corner and a bit up the road untill we reached house number twenty. Ivy knocked on the door and we were greeted by Tony. We all went in to the garden where the others were happily sitting out in the sun. Mike was further down the garden grilling burgers on the barbeque. Ivy sat next to Jaime on the swinging chair and I strolled down the grassy garden to were Mike was.
'Hi' I said when i reached him, a smile escaping my mouth.
He looked at me shutting one eye from the sun. He smiled back.
'Hey' He replied.
He was so gorgeous. He flipped the burgers over and then turned back to me.
'I thought this was Mexican night' I joked.
'Tex Mex burgers' He told me.
I nodded.
'So how are you Josie?' He asked me.
I smiled 'Great' I told him 'How are you?'
'Feeling fabulous.' he said.
I had a strong urge to hug him but I brushed it away.
It was quiet. I sighed and looked over towards Ivy. She was laughing with Jaimes. Vic was in the hammock opposite her and he looked at her with a look of love and care. I was so happy for my best friend. Her and Vic suited so perfectly.
Mike started putting all the burgers on a massive plate. He sighed and stretched his hands upwards.
'All done' he grinned at me.
He picked up the plate and kissed my cheek then walked past me towards the others.
I blushed and looked at him placing the plate on a glass table. I walked over to Ivy and sat beside her. She smiled at me when i sat down.
'Are you okay?' she asked.
'Yeah' I nodded.
I glanced at Mike, he was sitting beside Vic and they were playfighting. I looked at Ivy again, She was smiling at both of them with admiration. I smiled.

We had all spent the day eating and laughing out in the sun. When it got darker we all went inside and Mike got the mini cocktail bar out and we all had fun experimenting with all the different alcohols.
We then huddled together on the sofa under a massive blanket and watched a movie. It was really crowded so Ivy sat on Vics lap, something she had been doing alot the past few days. I rested my head on Mike's chest and he kissed the top of my head. I smiled to myself. I fell asleep during the movie and was woken by Mike.
'Do you guys want a ride home or do you want to stay the night?' He asked.
I looked at Ivy who said 'I'll stay, I'm knackered'
I nodded in agreement.
Ivy went upstairs with Vic and Tony and Jaime went upstairs to there room. I was downstairs alone with Mike.
'Are you coming to my room or do you want to sleep on the sofa?' Mike asked.
I thought a while. 'I think I'll sleep on the sofa' I said.
He nodded then kissed me on my lips. My body tingled at the feeling of his lips apon mine. He pulled away after a bit.
'I don't want to keep you up' He said with a smile.
I smiled at him. He started to walk out the room.
'Wait' I said.
He stopped then turned around.
'Yes?' He asked.
I walked up to him, placing my arms on his shoulder. I kissed him. He put his hands on my waist kissing me back passionately. He pulled me up closer towards him and I was on my tip toes. He rubbed my back, edging his hands towards my head where he played with my hair. I stopped kissing him and pulled away.
'I love you' He said.
'I love you too' I replied.
'Night' He smiled.
'Night' I repeated.
I flung myself on the sofa dragging the blanket on me an unmistakable smile on my face.

I was in love.
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