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Attack of the Blood Thirsty Beast

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'Loud, manly screams of course' Read, Review and rate? C:

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I sit there


Staring at the evil monster on the wall

The one that can jump at any minute and attack me

Oh my god i'd die if it attacked me

It moves

Oh my god

It moved

"Holy mother of god" I whisper fear laced in my words

My eyes go wide as it moves along down the wall

I freeze in fear

Hoping the beast will just disappear in mid-air

Soon, its on the floor

Moving towards me it stops

And stares at me with its little eyes

Then he jumps

I scream bloody murder as i get up and run

I run for my life

I run because the horrid thing could be chasing after me

Waiting for me to fall so it can put tiny little bites on my arm

Making me bleed all over the place

Without paying any attention i fall down the stairs

As I'm falling i let out screams

Loud, manly screams of course.

As i stop falling Gerard rushes out of the living room

"My god, Frank! Are you okay?" He asks his voice laced with concern, his eyes wide wit confusion and concern as he picks me up

"It-I-I..Jumped...Fall..Food" I stutter, he looks at me confused

Soon i see it

Its there

Staring at me with its little eyes


I scream again and run

I ignore Gerard's yells asking me 'What's wrong? Come back!'

I fall down the steps outside and land-rather rough-On the concret floor

Gerard runs out "What the hell" He mumbles

I look at him in fear, eyes wide and bottem lip trembling "S-S-Spider" I say, each word laced with fear

He looks at me like I'm insane

"A spider? Seriously!?" He says sounding quite annoyed

I nod standing up looking at him with my big brown eyes

He sighs "I'll kill, alright?" He says, i nod.

That's when it happens again

He's back

And he's on Gerard's back

"HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKING UNICORNS! ITS AFTER ME! AFTER US! WE'RE GONNA DIE!" I yell and that's when i take off running

I take off running down the road, with no shirt and no shoes

And now Gerard and the angry, blood thirsty spider is after me.

Fucking unicorn shit..

Can anybody say 'what the actual fuck?' It came to me while staring at a wall

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