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Mikey's Fear

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Frank discovers Mikey's fear. XxFrikeyxX

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Hi! Soo this is a little oneshot me & my friend kinda came up with after being freaked out by a spider ;P. Anyways he did most of it. Also for the few people reading my other story, "My Psychotic RomanceRomance" I haven't given up on that. I'm working on it I promise, I'll update asap:)
xxo, Michael

"Diiiieee motherfucker!" Frank screeched throwing a slipper at the huge black spider on the corner of the room.

He jumped on the bed and slipped under the covers, his body covered completely, including his head. Cautiously he uncovered his right eye and peeked at the corner the spider had been at. It was still there! The slipper layed there about two feet away. He cursed to himself. He was a bad thrower, and to make it worse he was gonna be eaten by a fat disgusting spider, a slow and torturous death, he would never be able to see his precious Mikey again.

Wait a second. Mikey! Why hadn't he tought about it?

He gave himself the courage to uncover his head completely and took a deep breath.

"Miiiiikkkkeeeeyyyy!!!" He yelled with all the air acumulated in his lungs.


Meanwhile Mikey stood in front of the stove making breakfast. Flipping the bacon in the pan Mikey was suddenly startled by someone yelling his name from upstairs. Frankie. Who else could it be? They where the only two in the house. He immediatly removed the pan from the fire and made his way up stairs.

Mikey loved Frankie, he really did, his cute button nose, precious hazely eyes and pouty lips all made him irresistable, but he could sometimes be a pain in the ass.

"Moooooiiiikkkeeeyy! Pleeeassse saaveee meeeeee!" He heard another scream.

Normaly someone who didn't know Frank as well as Mikey did would grab a weapon or even call the police. But Mikey knew Frank really damn good. He had went through several of Frank's incidents. For example yesterday.


Mikey and Frank were walking hand in hand in the park.

"Hey Frankie want an ice-cream?" Mikey asked knownly. He knew Frankie loved ice-cream, specialy chocolate. He knew he would regret it later after the sugar traveled all over his system and his hyperness started but he wanted to put a smile in the boy's pretty little face.

"YES! YES! PLEASE!" Frank's face lit up with excitement and kissed the taller boy's cheek."

"Alright wait for me here, I'll be right back." Mikey smiled warmly. He left for the ice-cream truck leaving Frank sitting on the metal bench.

"Here's your change son have a great afternoon." The little old man inside the truck smiled handing him a $5 bill.

"Likewise sir." Mikey smiled back.

"MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY MIKEY! IT'S JASON! HEEELP!" He heard a so familiar voice shouting.

He spotted the bench he'd left Frank sitting at but it was empty.

Turning his eyes to the hockey court he saw Frank being chased by a huge guy on a hockey uniform.

'Oh god!' He thought to himself.

He rapidly made his way to the court running as fast as he could even dropping the delicious frozen treat on the way.

"Dude give me back my stick! I need to practise!" He heard the bulky guy shout after Frank.

"You'll never take me alive! Miiiikkkeeeyyy heeellppp!" Frank yelled hysterically.

Mikey quickly grabbed Frank's hand and pulled him to a stop. The hockey guy also stopped. Mikey couldn't see his face but he was sure it was red from the anger.

Mikey took the stick from Frank's hand and threw it at hockey-guy.

"Ugh! Now I wont have enough time to practice!" Hockey-guy shook with anger. He left stomping all the way and gripping the hockey stick.

Mikey turned to Frank with raised eye brows.

"My hero!" Frank yelled throwing his hands around Mikey.

Mikey sighted and hugged him back.

"Oh Mikey! You don't know how scared I was! Luckily you came on time and I took away his machete before he could use it.  But why did you give it back to him? He can come back!" He pulled away looking rather horrified.

"Umm..Frankie? You do know that wasn't Jason from 'Friday the 13th' right? And the machete was merely a hocky stick?" Mikey asked him looking at Frank concerned.

"Keep saying that to yourself Mikes but remember I warned you!" Frank said.

Mikey sometimes worried about the kid, he sometimes said weird things and acted strangely, oh well he shrugged his shoulders carelessly, maybe he just had a huge imagination.

"Hey Mikes?" Frank called.

"Yes Frankie?" He smiled ruffling his hair.
"Where's my ice-cream?"

Xend of flashbackX

Opening the door to their bed room he saw a figure under the covers, shaking drastically.

"Frankie? What's wrong babe?" He sat on the bed cautiously lifting the covers.

Frankie sat there, eyes opened wide and lip trembling. He pointed to a corner of the room. Mikey turned his head to see what Frank was pointing at.

He saw the ugly creature. Long legs and fat black belly. It was the most horrendus thing he had ever seen.

You see Mikey had always been afraid of spiders, always, scince.he was a little kid. Gerard, his older brother used to tease him all the time about it, that's why the only people who knew where his brother and his mom, he never told Frank fearing he would make fun of him.

Mikey tried acting strong and tough in front of Frank but the sight of the spider made him whimper. He immediatly hid under the covers and hugged Frank tightly.

"Mikey? Whats wrong? The spider! Aren't you gonna kill it!?" Frank asked worried trying to free himself from Mikey's grasp.

Mikey only answered by letting out another small whimper.

"C'mon baby. What's wrong? Tell me." Frank ran his hands through his soft mousy hair.

"I-I'm...I...spidersscarethelivingshitouttame!" Mikey yelled.

"What?" Frank cocked his face in confusion.

"I'm..I'm deadly, scared of spiders." He said slowly lifting his head to meet Frank's eyes.

"What are we gonna do now? That spider is gonna eat us alive! I'm never gonna be able to see my dogs again, or go to Australia and play with kangaroos! And I'm never gonna see your face again!" Frank whined.

"I don't want to die this young Frankie!" Mikey said, tears filling his eyes. He seriously had a huge fear of spiders.

Frank suddenly started jumping on the bed. "I have an idea!"

Mikey's face lit up, but it instantly dropped. Frank had the worst ideas /ever/.

"What if we make the spider think that Peter Parker is standing outside the door and she goes out to bite him and he then he turns into Spider-Man and then he comes and saves us?!" Frank said hopefully.

Mikey just stared at him not knowing what to say.

"So? What do you think? It's a great idea isn't it!?"

"Frank! How the hell are we supposed to get Peter Parker!? Spider-Man is not even real for god's sakes! That's one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard! We're on a serious situation!" Mikey yelled exasperated.

Frank stared at him wide eyed, his bottom lip trembling violently. He was just kidding. Mikey had never yelled at him before, he must really be afraid.

Immediatly after the words left Mikey's mouth he regretted it. Frank was very sensible. Why did he yell at him like that? He knew Frank was only kidding. Maybe it was the situation they where at that made him act that way.

Frank turned his back to Mikey and sobbed softly making little hiccup noises.

"Frankie-boy, I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me. Please forgive me? It's just that spiders really freak me out." He sttudered.

Frank turned to Mikey and placed a delicate kiss to his lips.

"I didn't know you where that scared. I mean after you saw that Ninja Assasin movie or whatever the hell it was called without even blinking I didn't think you were scared of anything." Frankie replied between giggles.

"That movie is a piece of cake compared to those hairy eight legged demons." He shuddered.

Frank responded with a laugh.

"You know what? What if we call Gee? He will surely do something about that little fucker, he loves those things, maybe he'll take it." Mikey said taking out his cellphone.

"Nah. There's no need to do that." Frank said with a devilish smirk. "Mrs. Spider is gone. She left a little while ago."

"Hu?" Mikey looked over to the corner he last saw the spider at and was filled with relief. It was gone. Wait a minute. It left a while ago?

He turned to Frank. "You saw it leave?"


"When exactly?"

"When you slipped under the covers."

Mikey looked at him in desbelief.

"Why didn't you tell me!?"

"I...I like to be in bed with you." He said adorably.

Mikey smiled sweetly and embraced him in a loving hug.

"Well at least the devil's creature is gone now." Mikey said relieved.

"Yhea, hey Mikes?"


"Remember yesterday at the park?"

Mikey let out a laugh, the memories of the previous that flooding his head. "How could I not?"

"Well, you never told me what happened to my ice-cream after the Jason inciddent. I really want one right now."

*So, R&R?:D
xxo, Michael*

Ps. Sorry bout all the errors, I'll edit later.
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