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( bad at summerys please read though ) when frank is hurt on stage gerard has to comfort him....

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Frank got off stage and held his right wrist in his left hand they just finished their last song Famous Last Words. Frank looked up at Gerard with watery eyes.... " it's going to be okay Frankie. I want you to know that sweetheart." Frank smilied and his tears ran down his eyes... Gerard planted a small kiss on Frank's lips and he could taste the salty tears come from his eyes. Finally Frank fell on the floor.... He burst into tears and Mutured things like " I'm such a dick, Gerard should fucking hate me right know!" Mikey heard every single word and started to laugh, " frank, Gerard loves you so much when we sang the kids from yesterday and you hurt your wrist tears came out of his eyes!"

Gerard helped frank to the tour bus that night. Frank looked up at gerard with puppy eyes and asked, " can I please sleep with you tonight?!? I reay don't want have to climb to the top bunk..." gerard picked up frank like a groom picks up his dead bride... " of course you can Frankie I love you and you can do anything with me and to me...." Frank looked up and luaghed, " when you say anything do you mean anything?" Gerard looked at frank rolled his eyes and laughed. When he finally put frank on his bed Mikey and ray were having a competition in call of duty and Mikey was beating ray's ass.

Frank looked up at Gerard that night with watering eyes Gerard kissed him as the radio played one of frank's favorite songs " Like we used to" by a rocket to the moon.... Gerard finally brushed his warm hand across frank's soft pink cheek. " you know." Gerard whispered, " we can do allot in bed tonight if your up to it." then he kissed frank as soft as anyone could kiss frank it was so soft that it hurt to feel his Gerard's lips....

When they woke up that morning frank tugged on Gerards batman shirt and whimpererd. " whats wrong Frankie?" Gerard asked in the sweetest voice as possible. Frank replied, " you guys only put meat on the table where's my food!?!" Gerard laughed grabed franks bad wrist brought him to his bunk and raped him frank screamed and groaned some of the screams and groans were in pain some were in pleasure. When frank what striped Gerard gave him the best hand job he jerked, squeezed, thrusted up and down, and anything you could think of. Finally when he was down frank was asleep and Gerard laid down and did the same..

The next day at the concert when they sang summertime frank broke into tears. Gerard noticed but kept singing he looked back every once in awhile finally when they sung The Only Hope For Me Is You frank broke down. He sat on stage tears coming from his eyes. Gerard
Stopped singing and went to comfort him.... " Frankie what wrong?" Gerard questioned, " m-y-y wrist hu-hu-hurts." he whimpered. Gerard helped him up and ended the concert with telling everyone frank was ok. Ray, Mikey, and Gerard ended with Helena and called it for a night.

When they got back into the tour bus Mikey opened his laptop and checked his twitter and myspace.. " GEEK!" snorted ray. " oh shut up we all have a social netorking account even if you say you don't!" hissed Mikey. Gerard decided to go check on fran when he opened his curtain to his bunk frank pulled him in and closed the curtains

TO BE COINTINUED..... ( can't finish cause I'm listening to welcome to the black parade and it 2:06 A.M )
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