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Chapter twenty seven- You stuck a fucking fork in a fucking toaster?

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Stephanie's POV

"W-Where are we go-going?"
"The Way's invited us"
"Which W-W-Ways?"
"Gerard, Lindsey and Bandit"
I nod my head slowly because i can see him looking at me from the corner of his eye,
"Are you okay?"
I raised my left eyebrow.
No, Blake I'm not okay. I want to die. I want to go to bed tonight and never wake up. I want to cut and slice myself. I want to watch the blood pour out until I can't bleed anymore.
"I'm f-fine" I say.
He bites his lip,
"You're not, what about Ash?"
The sound of her name put a knife through my heart at an instant; I couldn't speak, I bit my lip but stopped as soon as I felt the stitches we're still in.
"She's g-gone" I whisper sadly
"What was she like?"
"She-She was am-amazing. Y-you would've l-l-loved her. Sh-she was c-crazy and ec-eccentric a-and we l-loved to d-do idi-idiotic things w-without thinking a-about the co-con-consequences. Sh-she loved MCR, r-rock in g-gen-general a-and indie and h-her fa-fashion s-sense was j-just out t-t-there and sh-she wa-was wild. I l-love her" it was so strange talking about her in past tense, my beautiful best friend who was pretty much my twin sister. Ash.

Blake takes the keys out of the ignition and leans over, he kisses me softly, "I'm sorry" he whispers on my lips before kissing me again then leaning back and unbuckling his seat-belt, I do the same and step out of the car and sink my pink docs into the snow.

We walk to the door hand in hand and I'm amazed at the detail of the architecture, it's beautiful. But hey, it's Gerard Way's house!
Blake knocks softy on the door three times and then we're greeted by Lindsey's smiling face, Bandit in her arms.
"Hey guys, come on in"
We followed her to the foyer, through a long hallway through the house then through an arch doorway that lead us through the kitchen and then out glass doors outside.
"Hey Steph" Gerard says kissing my cheek and half-hugging me, "Blake" he says shaking his hand.
"Hey Gerard" we both smile,

Me and Blake look at each-other then at Gerard worriedly, Gerard looks at us then turns around quickly to face a cowering Mikey,
"Help me!" he mouths.
Alicia appears in the doorway, on her left is Jamia and Krista and her right is Lindsey,
"What did you do now?" Gerard asks him,
"What did you do Mikes?" Blake asks,
"He stuck a fucking fork in the fucking toaster again!" Frank says coming over too,
"You stuck a fucking fork in a fucking toaster? Really?" Blake laughs
"AND he took a heater INTO the shower with him!" Ray says joining us,
"MIKEY!" Gerard yells punching him in the arm.
We all laugh and joke at Mikeys expense for a while before everyone takes a seat at a long table. There's Ray, Krista, Gerard, Lindsey, Frank, Jamia, Blake, Me, Bandit, Cherry and Lilly and then the doorbell rings,
"Another surprise?" Blake jokes, I raise an eyebrow and actually LAUGH when Bob Bryar walks into the room casually and sits beside me.
BOB BRYAR?! What the fuck is happening?!!!
I'm gobsmacked, my jaw is hanging down and I can't look away, "Steph right?" he says, I nod, "Y-Ye-Yeah" I say.
He smiles softly and puts a hand on his chin, feeling his bushy beard.
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