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To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

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Information regarding Haru and the Kobra Kid and an... audition for the... sequel? ;)

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Hai, it's me again. Sorry I haven't been updating 'H and the KK' for a while- I've been a tad busy with... things :) But the next update is tomorrow with the possibility of TWO CHAPTERS. Two chapters?! Oh Sara, you really do spoil them, don't you? Well, think of it as my way of saying a very (belated) happy easter! :D

So, going back to the story.

Well to be honest, there isn't that much left to write. I'd say at the most... 5 chapters? Possibly 6? So if I post the two chapters tomorrow that only leaves 3 more to go before it's over I'm afraid.


...But there's a sequel :O

Well, there's a vague idea for a sequel. So far there's only a plotline and a few doodles of characters and scenes. But it's there in a roundabout swirly kind of way :)

So, this is where you guys come in.

Now, without wanting to give too much away, the sequel will include as small trio of Killjoys who will appear about a third of the way in. So, you all know what this means don't you?


All I need are 3 people who are willing and wouldn't mind if one of them was killed off, sorry :L

So, here's the form:

Name: (real and taken name)

Age: (have to be 13-18 years old for reasons that will become clear)

Gender: (preferably one boy at least)

Backstory: (before you joined the other two killjoys)



Favorite method of combat: (be as imaginative as you want)

Looks: (any battle scars, what colour hair etc.)

Anything else:

Happy auditioning and good luck! :)

- Sara xoxo
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