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Friday and some people feel so down

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This is an extra long chapter :), i feel like yew guys desrve this :D

and since your so curious a few things get let out here and there xD


- SweetRevenge logged on -
- Mikeey logged on -

Mikeey : today, you seriously looked like you could have murdered the whole school
SweetRevenge : because of that fucking whorebag -.-
Mikeey : yeah and frank didn't even appriach the table
SweetRevenge : thats why i sat with frank
Mikeey : the group is literally falling apart and ray is leaving, today was ray's last day
SweetRevenge : it wont be the same without his afro :'(
Mikeey : this will probably make him log on more often lol xD
SweetRevenge : yes
Mikeey : I shoulda sat with you and frank
SweetRevenge : it wasnt your fault
Mikeey : i know
SweetRevenge : im surprised caitlyn came over
Mikeey : he is dating her
SweetRevenge : oh yeah!
Mikeey : lol
SweetRevenge : gah she is just pure EUGH
Mikeey : i know
SweetRevenge : sorry for ranting mikey
Mikeey : dont worry bout it :)
SweetRevenge : lol
Mikeey : imma add frank back
SweetRevenge : him and gerad just gave eachother pure death glares
Mikeey : i no!

- Mikeey added TheJoker to the conversation -

TheJoker : hey
SweetRevenge : aloha
TheJoker : why?
SweetRevenge : what?
TheJoker : why si all this shit happening, gerard and caitlyn turning into full on asses, ray moving, Eliza being the fucking whore behind it all
SweetRevenge : dont forget bert!
TheJoker : of course not lol xD
Mikeey : iw ould say he is satan, but he isnt cool enough to be satan
TheJoker : being satan is my job mikey xD
SweetRevenge : LOL
TheJoker : always will be :)
Mikeey : fair enough
SweetRevenge : imagine an innocent frank xD
TheJoker : o.O
Mikeey ; O.O
SweetRevenge : haha
TheJoker : why didnt you eat anything today at lunch nicola?
SweetRevenge : i wasnt hungry
TheJoker : did you have dinner
SweetRevenge : only a little
TheJoker : nicola eat something
SweetRevenge : im not hungry
TheJoker : i dont care
SweetRevneg : no point eating if your not hungry and fat :L
TheJoker : your not fat
Mikeey : who said you were fat
SweetRevenge : take a guess
TheJoker : dont believe that whore!
SweetRevenge : she said thats why Gerard broke up with me
TheJoker : why does she dislike you so much?
SweetRevenge : honestly i dont know
Mikeey : there has to be a reason
SweetRevenge : i wanna no the reason aswell
TheJoker : its probably something stupid
SweetRevenge : maybe
Mikeey : im going out, ill talk to you guys later
SweetRevenge : where could you possibly going on on a friday night?
Mikeey : out with alicia xD
TheJoker : GET IN THERE!

- Mikeey logged off -

SweetRevenge : they would be a cute couple ^_^
TheJoker : they soo would xD
SweetRevenge : well at least mikey is happy and not letting his brother pull him down
TheJoker : yeah, he is enjoying life :)

- BuryMeInBlack logged on -

BuryMeInBlack : the duo that i wasnt expecting to be online -.-
SweetRevenge : go fuck eliza
BuryMeInBlack : already have
TheJoker : o.o
BuryMeInBlack : yeah frank i lost mine before yours
BuryMeInBlack : first off she is normal and not fat like some people
TheJoker : lay off
SweetRevenge : Why did i ever go out with him?
BuryMeInBlack : i felt sorry for you
SweetRevenge : you didnt even have the guts to break up with me face to face, i had to find out via facebook
BuryMeInBlack : now if you excuse me i have to go out with PROPER friends and not some fat cows

- BuryMeInBlack logged out -

SweetRevenge : after him saying he would have my back through this
TheJoker : Eliza has put stuff in his brain, ignore him please
SweetRevenge : im just the fat fucking cow

-- 1 AM -

- SweetRevenge logged off -
- TheJoker logged off -
- Ellie424 logged on -
- Used1333 logged on -
- BuryMeInBlack logged on -

BuryMeinBlack : your a fucking bitch
Ellie424 : oh now
BuryMeinBlack : why are you doing this?
Ellie424 : i told you i wanted to get my revenge on that slut
BuryMeInBlack : what has she ever done?
Used1333 : eliza it isnt even funny anymore
Ellie424 : she ruined my life, her father killed my father!
Used1333 : yeah but that wasnt her fucking fault!
BuryMeInBlack : now your threatening to kill mikey because of this, i feel so fucking awful
Ellie424 : I will
BuryMeInBlack ; damn mafia groups
Ellie424 : this is my families revenge
BuryMeInBlack : why am i part of this
Ellie424 : i will murder mikey
Ellie424 : play along, if you blow my cover i will fucking shoot your entire family
Used1333 : all this because of what happened 13 years ago?
Ellie424 : you do not know how much my mom went through
Used1333 : yeah thats your mom, you shouldnt get involved!
Ellie424 : i grw up without a father and that slut grew up with both her parents, happilly. My mom went through depression and she personally asked me to make her life a misery, simply by making her hate herself.
BuryMeInBlack : im fucking depressed lying to the girl i fucking love
Ellie424 : you love me, stick to the fucking plan gerard!
BuryMeInBlack ; even frank hates me
Ellie424 : it was so easy getting caitlyn to believe mebut with you i had to fucking threaten you.
BuryMeInBlack : because i dont believe rumours
Ellie424 : but you believe a girl with a gun
Used1333 : do you know how bad its making me look, im out of the drug business ffs
Ellie424 : not as far as this plan is concerned
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