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Your Fireflies

by CosmicZombie 4 reviews

I watch your fireflies dance...

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Hi, this is a poem I did for part of my latest story, Translations of Blood...Kinda a taster, if you like- If you like this, feel free to check out the story, which is interspersed with various poems such as this. I posted this separately because I thought it worked as a separate poem too. Anyway, hope you like...please R&R?

Your Fireflies.

I watch your fireflies dance,
Ghosted golden grace,
Embellish eternal freedom,
I wish was mine to embrace.

Dance over the whispers,
The burble of the river,
Soft, murmuring, tranquil,
Peace I can’t consider.

I watch your fireflies dance,
Spin a summer haze,
Of dusty-bottled memories,
Ghosted moments I wish I could frame.

Dance over the silence,
The gentle hummed security,
Gentle, soothing, alive,
Obliterate my fears to obscurity.

I watch your fireflies dance,
Spiral towards their graves,
Split-second lives in
The carefree air I crave.

Dance over the sunset,
The embers of the day,
Serene and gold and liquid,
Smouldering the bad away.

I watch your fireflies,
Their fluttering, fleeting freedom.

I watch them
And whirl,
And twirl.

I wonder at their worlds;
Their tiny-winged dreams,
Intoxicated summer angels,
Singing turned from screams.

I wonder at their worlds;
How can they skitter
Without a trace of sorrow?
How can they dance
As if there’s no tomorrow?

Like you.

You dance forever, unafraid,
With your fireflies;
Determined, honest, untamed.

I watch your fireflies dance.

Their wings aren’t like mine;
They’re pure and gold and free,
Unscarred, un-feared,
Their glittered truth seen.

I close my eyes on your fireflies,
Just a heartbeat.

The river gurgles too much blood,
Sputtering, sinking, choking on
Raped pure love.

The silence crawls too much obscene,
Endless, forever, scrabbling at
The clean.

The sunset is charred.
The gold tarnished.
The rays splintered.
The world is marred.

It tried to shine
For too long.

I watch your final fireflies,
Flutter behind my eyes,
Escapist's beating wings,
Ghosts of freckled smiles,
Pure and sweet and undefiled.

I open my eyes.

Your fireflies are dead.


Feedback? I hope that was okay, and thanks so much for reading!

CosmicZombie xo
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