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Don't kill yourself.

by BJAisgod 1 review

Because I will too..

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I wrote this poem for my friend when she was suicidal, to try and reach out to her, so I decided to post it on here. Enjoy and please tell me what you think.

Don't kill yourself, because I will too
Take my hand, I'll walk with you
We can talk and reminisce
Laugh and joke and take the piss
We can fight and we can shout
But trust me dear, I won't walk out
I love you too much, but I can't bear
That to suicide, I made you near
For this whole thing
It's all my fault
But I want us both to grow old
And grey
And look back on this and say
'I don't know what I was thinking'
But right now, I feel like I'm sinking
Sinking deep and I can't get out
I need someone, I need some help
But so do you, we can do this together
Our friendship can last forever
You just have to forgive me
I know it's not easy
You just have to forgive me
You just have to believe
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