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Chapter 2 (i cant be bothered naming them properly!)

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This is Darrens pospective of their first night!

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I wrote this ages ago, when Ficwad still confused me, so I put it up on this other site to see how it worked there. Then i figured out how to use ficwad so here it is. Enjoy.
I couldn’t wait to see Amelia. She was the love of my life. It was those beautiful green eyes, her wonderful golden hair and the way she smiled at me that made me love her so much. I was on my way to the island that I could potentially get killed on if I get caught, but I didn’t mind. I was just happy I was able to look into those beautiful eyes again.
I was travelling to the island in a boat that brought food on to the island and took waste away. The captain owed me a favour or two so to make up for it, he takes me to the island and retrieves me once I have finished. Obviously he didn’t know about Amelia, he thinks I’m going to the island to find an old friend with some very interesting information for me. If I told him about Amelia, he might say something and then both Amelia and I would be in deep shit. Both of our lives would be in danger.
If anyone found out about us, Amelia would get fired and because she knows too much, she would get killed. As for me, the group I work for can’t stand traitors, and even though I and Amelia never talk about work, they would count me as a traitor and would kill me without any hesitation.
I don’t like working for a criminal group. I don’t like being a criminal. It means I am being hunted by MI6. Amelia might be put in position that could end severely. And when I say that I mean I have a bullet in my temporal lobe and Amelia has a gun in her hand. I don’t want to put her in that position. It’s just plain harsh.
The boat was near land and I was getting ready to get off the ship, when I was stopped. According to some men, I had been asked to go to Andrew Pennell hotel room to “chat”. Andrew knew I liked to go to the island from time to time for business. And every time he heard I was on my way to the island, he would interrogate me, so he could find out what kind of information I was getting and from whom. I felt sorry for the guy. He was so memorised by Amelia he never noticed that I only come to when she was here.
I did my routine check with Andrew. I was surprised he never arrests me. I was one of the most wanted criminals in Britain and he doesn’t arrest me. I will never understand that man. Maybe he felt sorry for me; I had to put myself in danger every day. I guess he felt like we were the same. We both get thrown into danger and expected to just deal with it. But I think the main reason was that he knew who I really was and I knew him. We were, I guess you could say friends when we were younger. He was my neighbour and we got along really well. We used to train together and we knew each other weaknesses. His was Amelia. Amelia was mine as well but obviously he didn’t know that.
I got to Amelia’s hotel room about half an hour after midnight. The lights were off and anyone else would have thought that she was asleep, but not me. She did this every time I came to visit. She would pretend to be asleep and no-one would disturb her.
I climbed up to her balcony. As I suspected she was there. Waiting. I tapped the window, just loud enough for her to hear and no-one else. She came and opened the door and let me in. She looked absolutely beautiful. I was amazed. She led me to the couch and I kissed her. I could feel her smiling. She pulled away and I had to admit I was a bit disappointed. She just looked at me and said,
“I’ve missed you.” All I could say at that moment was,
“I’ve missed you too.” And our lips touched again.
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