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Chapter 7

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The return to the magical lands.

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Harry Potter and the Path of the Mystics

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Avoiding Dumbledore and the population of the school wasn't a simple task...But a quick invisibility charm and a fairy keeping it up certainly helped.

He was trying more to avoid Dumbledore's questions about his Diadem then the awkward apologizing of the Hogwarts students especially Hermione...He couldn't blame her emotions, he did for all intents and purposes appear to be the cause.

He sighed stalking through a dark corridor for what seems to be the five hundredth time this week...The school year was so close to done he couldn't wait to be honest.

He stopped when he heard knocking, he looked around before finding the source...A small broom cupboard.

Harry raised an eyebrow kneeling down and unlocking the cupboard and opening only to reveal a young nude first year.

He blushed brightly as he found the sandy blonde girl looking at him curiously. “Hello, Harry Potter.” She said with a dreamy smile before climbing out, the boy stumbling out of the way standing up with her.

“Erm....” He was quiet just staring in confusion. “W-What...Happened to your clothes?” The girl shrugged. “Some of the old girls took them and put me in the cupboard.” She smiled dreamily, not seeming to be effected by it.

Harry frowned to himself, removing his heavy robe and draping it over her nude body, not noticing her surprised but grateful face as he turned away and called for Bella to go find her clothes.

Silence dominated as Harry tried to keep his eyes everywhere but her. “...You have Nargles in your hair.” The female finally said, the boy instantly going up to his hair trying to find these offending creatures.

“I do?” He said in a worried tone, he didn't like strange creatures much...Not since one of the Minotaurs locked him in a maze for three days.

The girl seemed...Surprised he expressed legitimate concern for the creatures. “Oh yes, they like to flock around brooders.”

This made the Potter heir pout. “I'm not brooding..” He'd grumble weakly, folding his arms.

“She's sorry you know.” Came her amused voice, making him look to her in confusion. “The girl with puffy brown hair.” She made a gesture with her hands to show “puffy” hair and unknowingly exposing her body again to Harry making him curse softly and turn his head away blushing.

“How do you know?” He said quietly...Hopeful that his friend was really sorry for what happened. Luna just smiled, reaching out to give Harry's hand a little squeeze, making him jump a bit. “Oh she is, I heard her crying a few times...When I asked what was wrong, she just babbled and I couldn't hear.” She said a bit sadly, frowning.

Harry sighed, running his fingers over his hair, fingers brushing over Ravenclaw's Diadem hidden by his magic. “I'd suggest you talk to her before going to Celdrasyl...She surely can't chase you there begging to be forgiven.”

Harry blinked looking at her in surprised...Few humans knew of the realms existence, let alone knew who was there. Luna only smiled at him...”My mother was an elfin friend.” She said quietly, looking her head down unconsciously, wounds still not healed.

Harry shook his head, running a hand through his hair. “...What's your name, daughter of elf friend?” He said a bit teasingly, folding his arms as Bella popped in with the girl's clothes. Luna smiled taking the clothes and removing his robe to get dressed in front of him immodestly.

“Luna...Luna Lovegood.”

By the time he had arrived to Celdrasyl, he had been swarmed by at least three groups of humans...One was press, one was the sea of redheads that was the Weasley family which only made him further uncomfortable considering the glares the Weasley boy kept giving him.

The last was the Granger family in which he was promptly intimidated by the her father, while he was sure he could beat him in a fight magical or otherwise...But he didn't want to do that to -Hermione's- father, that would just be embarrassing.

However he was thankful of an Elf man who grabbed his shoulder and teleported them away from the human realm back to Albion...The only place he really felt -safe-. He looked up at the elf male to find a decently handsome young elf, short snipped black hair and a neat beard gracing his bird-like features.

“T-Thank you, sir.” He stuttered out in Elven, cursing his rustiness with the language, just speaking Elf spells doesn't mean you keep up with the language. The man merely smiled kneeling down, the boy now getting a view of his silver and black robes.

“Do not worry, young Harry...Faeron had chosen me to be your guardian until a time you do not need me.” He said in a bit of a sad tone, offering his hand to the boy. “Kelrin, High Sorcerer of the West.” Harry took the hand bowing deeply. “Honored Greetings, keeper of the mountains..”

Kelrin shook his head, pulling his hand back. “Save the formality, young one...There's no need for it here.” He said kindly, leading up up the great tree towards Faeron's old home Kelrin stopped at the door frowning.

“Lord Faeron had left this house, among other things, to you in the event of his death...I require your permission to enter.” Harry blinked in surprised stumbling out his permission awkwardly, Kelrin smiled entering and guiding him to the sitting room.

“Now Harry...I'm afraid, you won't be returning to Hogwarts.” He sighed getting straight to the point.

“What?! Why not?” Harry almost stood up, gripping his armrests tightly as he glared at the elf man, who sighed scratching his head. “...Faeron commanded you stay here in Albion for a little while, just three years...You'll attend the Acadium Arcadium here in Albion.”

Harry blinked...The Acadium was where the sorcerer’s of the people of Celdrasyl was sent to study magic. Elf, Dwarf, Satyr, Fey...Just to name a few of the races that attended it's magical halls.

Kelrin gave awkward smile. “Ahem...There is one thing, however. The bonding contracts set up...”

Harry groaned, running his fingers through his hair. “Well?” He grumbled, he knew he'd have to marry while still in school, it was just normal for the people of Albion...Didn't make it anyless uncomfortable. Kelrin smirked a bit, folding his arms.

“Currently, the only agreed to contracts were to Thaness Kihna Audrysdaughter, Arielle Del'drysa and finally, Fluer and Gabrielle Delacour.” Harry rested his forehead on the table, sighing deeply as the elf smiled.

“But currently, the Veela are being prepared for the bonding ritual so you won't be able to see them until next year...However Thaness Kihna is needing her Thane immediately and, well...”

“I have to bond to her first then?” At the elf's nod, he sighed nodding accepting his fate.

“You will have to live in the Dwarven City of Kel'drahn for the duration of the summer, King Huffar gave his...Incredibly eager approval and has started preparing the Dwarven wedding ceremony and party.”

Harry just sighed.

Harry couldn't help but wonder what god decided to start fucking with him...To put crudely at least, he was the first human to enter the Dwarven city of countless centuries (Well, it was countable but he didn't feel like asking.)

And it was to marry the head of one of the Dwarf clans...He panicked when he realized that, despite his human heritage if the King gave his approval he'd become Thane of the Clan and essentially a dwarf in all but size and blood.

That concept wasn't nearly as terrifying for the boy as his future wife was...He swallowed when he met her, she was the head of the Ironas'Bowen...Or Ironborne in English. One of the largest warrior clans with a code of honor and rituals that ran so deep he was sure they had an honorable way to take a piss.

He certainly expect a intimidating woman...He wasn't disappointed. She was beautiful, he'd admit firm, toned body that's just as well endowed as any Dwarf woman, tanned skin from time in sunlight, likely training in combat.

Long brown hair tied into a tight braid, a small scar graced her cheek keeping a otherwise perfect face from absolute perfection. To say the boy felt nervous, would be a understatement.

He swallowed thickly, smiling a bit shyly at her as he entered her residence in the Dwarven city. “You don't need to be nervous...” She said kindly, giving him a strangely soft smile. “I don't bite...Hard at least.” She said idly, smiling triumphantly at the bright blush.

“I-It's just...I didn't expect the head of a clan to...” He lowered his head. “Wish to marry a human?” At his nod, she sighed swirling the glass of water one of the servants have given her as they rest on the strangely comfortable stone like furniture.

“...I have heard of you from visiting diplomats, they spoke only what a kind boy you are...How polite, noble and strong you are.” She smirked deviously as she pressed to embarrass him further. “And that fairy of yours wouldn't be silent about your fight with a -Basilisk-, Harry you're one of a kind.”

She chuckled softly. “...I though I'd treat you better then other dwarf women after your hand and have more to offer.” She looked down slightly. “Besides...I needed to marry to have a Thane, less my clan be claimed by another.”

“I felt you'd be a kinder husband then one of my own kind.” She finished, looking at him from the corner of her eyes. “...I'm sorry for what it's worth but I will attempt to make myselfo f use to you, husband.”

Harry shook his head quickly, sighing. “J-Just Harry...I-I think you shouldn't presume just yet, we'll have to see what happens.” She wouldn't admit it...Dwarven pride wouldn't allow it, but she did feel strangely comforted by his smile.

The Dwarven wedding was just as one would expect...Once the honorable ceremony was finished, partying and drinking await. The ceremony was stiff...Endless oaths both she and he had to swear.

He swore to honor her clan and family, to provide her a comfortable life, give her a strong heir, endless love and affection and never raise his hand to her.

She swore to honor his wishes and actions, to stand at his side, bare him a strong heir, love him endlessly and never draw a sword to her....Oddly specific he'd wonder later.

Once the ceremony was done, they were escorted out by an elf man when the party began...While they were married in Dwarf terms, they had to be bond in Elf terms.

Harry swallowed nervously, glancing at his...Wife? Bondmate? He really couldn't decide what to call her, the elves smiled comfortingly at him as they guide them into the circle.

“What...Does this bonding entail?” The Dwarf woman said carefully, while she doubted that the elves would harm them...That didn't stop her from being cautious, she did swear to love him part of that included being incredibly protective...At least for Dwarves it did.

“It will bond your spirits together.” A elf woman answered, looking between them. “You will be able to know each other's location at all times and...Feel each other better.” At their confused eyebrow raise, she only smiled in a “You will see” fashion...Which only set to annoy them.

“It will also ensure...That neither one of you will be unfaithful to each other without permission from your other.” 'Or others' Harry added silently as he folded his arms sighing and nodding his agreence, a few moments later the dwarf agreed as well.

“Then let's begin.” The elves made a circle around the pair instructing them to hold hands, Harry smiled shyly as they did blushing as her strong hands held his gently.

The Elves began chanting in Elvish, a glowing blue circle of magic appeared beneath them and Harry could -feel- the magic in the air as a golden starting lifts from their chests.

Harry swallowed staring into the dwarf's eyes silently, her honey eyes unreadable as they stared back. He licked his lips as they dried with his nerves, shifting awkwardly as the chanting continued, the two strains wrapping around each other glowing brightly before becoming a single strain.

They both gasped, Harry stumbling into her arms as they felt the rush of emotions from eachother, quickly setting up mental shields to block it as best they could. Harry swallowed able to feel the Dwarf's power...Magically, she wasn't much but she likely could kill any wizard.

For the Dwarf however, it was much different...She could feel an almost endless sea of power in the boy and that's without even considering the crown upon his brown, considering it the power was overwhelming as her knees buckled under her only to be caught by Harry, helping her stand.

They stared at each other unblinkingly, swallowed thickly as Harry moved down kissing her plush lips gently making her gasp in his mouth her strong arms wrapping around his thin waist pulling him in firmly as she deepened the kiss...Suddenly, she believed the vows would be true.
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