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My Biggest Fear

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My Biggest Fear

Nothing is more wonderful then the sound of Green Day blasting from your speakers, well expect the pure bliss of coffee running down your throat-

I freeze as i hear a loud hungry, demonic growl coming from outside my door, i slowly turn around so that I'm facing the door. Another growl and i start to panic 'Calm down, its probably just a dog' I think to myself

All to soon the door bursts open and i let out a scream

One of my biggest fears is there: A zombie

I slowly stand up as it edges closer i back away but i fall over some clothes in the process, which causes me to let out a scream and who does my scream attract? Fucking four more zombies

More screams escape my mouth as tears start to pour from my eyes, which causes my eyeliner to run. I scramble to get up as i begin to have a panic attack, i spot a few blankets that i could throw over them, it would buy me some time.

I grab them and i quickly standup, i run towards them and throw the blankets over them but that doesn't buy me any time. Fuck. I dash for the door tripping in the process not paying any attention i fall down the stairs whic causes me to be alittle dazed as i hit my head, i let out a scream as i see them come down the stairs. Being the dumbass i am i edge into a corner insted of running "Fuck me" I mumble to myself as the zombies growl again i let out a low scream that's filled with fear, they pounch on me and that's all it takes.

I start screaming and crying hysterically as i shake with fear this is the panic attacks i get when i have to face one of my biggest fears, after afew seconds the zombies get off me and back away even though i realize this i can't stop screaming and crying. Though i stopped shaking with fear.

"Amber...Stop, please its alright... Amber?" One says who sounds like Frank i blink as my screaming and crying slowly stops and i stare at 'Frank' with eyes wide in confusion "What?" I ask as i sit up slowly trying to clean my face up from the eyeliner that's all over my face, Frank-I think- looks down clearly ashaned "W-We pulled this z-zombie prank on you" He mumbles, i look at him in shock trying to take in what he said "Why? I thought y-y-you knew my fear of z-zombies" I say rather disaapointed that my bestfriend didn't know- wait did he say 'We' ? "We?" I ask confused (Yet, again) and that's when everyone- or everything- starts talking at once "Me, Gerard- Will you shut up!" Frank yells "Me, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob" He finally replys.his voice is full of regret and sorrow "We're so fucking sorry" Gerard and Miket say at the same time.

I smile slightly, in a dark way and Ray's eyes widen in fear because he knows i will get my revenge, then Bob notices my dark smile "Oh mother of clams" He whispers "Please do not hurt anyone in your little 'revenge pranks' please" But he's trying to hold back a smile.

I motion for them to come over to me they do as their told but they come near me slowly, when they reach me i engulf them in a huge hug "You know what? Y'all can be a pain in the ass, but i couldn't live without ya" I say smiling as they laugh "Now, go and wash your zombie make-up off oh and most importanly: watch your backs" I say as i smile darkly, they rush upstairs nearly knocking eachother down the stairs in the process.

Stupid? Horrid? Like? Love? (Love? Hah! I crack myself up..) Its based on my fear of zombies. I was thinking of posting Amber's revenge pranks also. Should i? Could i?

Xo Danger ♥
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