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Hell's Angels

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Jazz is finally getting in on the action she joined hell's angels for, but someone seems to be getting in her way.

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A/N: this is a new story I'm working in, I wont update regularly, but it will probably come in a few chapters at random points:L I hope you like it! sorry for the lack of band, they're coming! R+R and let me know what you think! -ash

‘No, no, please! No!’ the little blonde screamed as her brains were blown across the room, her friends screamed and cried from behind frilly cushions, the blood trickled down walls and began to soak into the power pink carpet….

‘Fake!’ I shouted, laughing at how pathetic it was, ‘blood and guts 2 will never beat the original.’ I murmur as I fumble with the disc, throwing the case onto my bed.

An alarm started to buzz, not knowing which clock it was coming from, I swiftly smacked both. The noise continued. I grabbed my phone to find a reminder, it read ‘Jazz, if you are reading this, you aren’t at camp, that means you have exactly 17 minutes to get that skinny ass over to mine so I can give you a lift –tay.’

‘shit!’ I knew I’d forgotten something. I grabbed my gym bag, stuffing it with a few cans of energy drink, a black jacket, some old trainers and my weapon bag. I jumped onto the banister and slid down it expertly, nearly taking my big brother out on the way down. He mumbled something in boy talk as I jumped off the end and ran to the door, slipping a set of keys into my pocket.

‘I’ll be back around four if anyone cares!’ I shouted through the closing door.

The air was cold and bitter, slicing my bare cheeks painfully as I sprinted down the road to the alley. I pulled a hair tie out of my bag and slicked my hair back into a neat bun on top of my head. a few wisps of jet black hair fell over my face, I grabbed them and pushed them under a hair grip as I ran down the alley.

Tay’s house was dark but I could see her cars lights on through the slats in the fence.

Being the show off I am, I took a run up and flung my body over the two metre fence, landing on the balls of my feet right on the hood of tay’s sleek silver jag.

‘Get off my car!’ she shouted, I jumped down and yanked the passenger door open, sliding into the cold leather seat.

‘Nice to see you’re on time.’ She winked, flicking the wheel around before speeding out of her drive and onto the seemingly quiet roads.

‘I was watching a film, I think you guys forget I have school on week days still, and that sometimes I do normal teenage things like bunk off.’

‘Well, as long as it’s clear that AJ is gunna be pissed at you if we’re late and I am not taking any of the blame.’

Tay parked the car at the bottom of the road; she grabbed her bag out of the boot and walked quickly down to the block of apartments near the car park.

‘Nice of you both to join us!’ AJ’s snarky voice called as we tried to duck in behind the others.

‘Jazz was-‘

‘Shut it.’ AJ threw two booklets to us, ‘read, register, and piss off.’ I looked over at Tay, she grinned and shrugged.

On the front, in huge black letters it read: ‘Top secret: Hell’s angel’s assignment.’ I flicked through all the boring bits, regulations, the usual ‘don’t get caught’ spiel and went straight to the bit I was interested in, the briefing.

‘You have been called in to a special mission, the government are looking for people with advanced skills, or ‘powers’ hell’s angels have been asked to partake. You will be assigned a training partner, who you will be staying with for the next six months; all minors will be given leave from school and will be participating in on-site education. The rest will be explained at the assigned housing unit.’

Tay slid up the bench, her arm pressing against mine. ‘Let’s hope we get put with decent people, which will be hard with all the burn-outs and freaks here.’ I rolled my eyes, even though it was true. My first proper mission and I was defiantly going to be stuck with some stuck up bitch.

‘I will read out your assigned partners shortly, we will be merging with a different academy for this task, so I expect you all to make new... friends.’ AJ gritted her teeth at the last word, she obviously didn’t like the idea of us being so exposed to strangers.

AJ barked out the names of each girl in our squad, calling out another name and then handing them a piece of paper, probably explaining where we would be going. I started to zone out until I heard a sharp ‘Jazz!’

I looked up and walked over towards AJ ‘you will be working with... Mr G way, good luck.’ She handed me my piece of paper and pointed to the door. I unfolded the note as I wandered down the hallway.


We will be staying in Las Vegas for the next 2 weeks; there we will be tracking someone who we suspect is involved in a huge operation. I can’t write it all here, so I will explain on the way. For now, I need you to get some supplies. Attached is a list of all the things you will require, but first I need you to destroy your cell, then you will need to go straight to the nearest mall, I will meet you at the address on the other side of this note at exactly 2.30 am, this time also includes saying goodbye to any family. See you soon.


I am assuming this is G way, I shoved the letter in my bag and looked at the clock, 10.30, I have four hours. On another piece of paper there was a list, it included: ‘black leggings, black shoes (1 pair of boots, 1 pair of pumps and a pair of trainers.) vests, t-shirts, hoodies, a leather jacket, a pair of sunglasses, any food for a 7 hours car drive, water, a notepad, pens and anything else you need’ at the bottom, there was five $50 bills.

Grinning, I practically ran down the stairs, but then realised Tay had already gone, and I didn’t have a ride. It took me a whole hour to walk back to my house, I left a note saying I was staying at tay’s, and that I wouldn’t be back until I wanted to be, normally my parents just left me to it.

I then slipped back out to the mall, picking up all the things I had been told to buy. When I had finished, it was only 1 am, so I walked down to McDonalds and bought a coffee. I sat in the corner, counting what I had left and sipping the hot drink, I had $66 and 34 cents left, so I thought I would give it back this guy.

I started walking to the place I had found on the back of the note, using a map I had decided to buy as I didn’t even have a phone to use anymore, I arrived at about 2.25, I had five minutes to kill. I dumped all the bags onto the floor and began to pack them neatly into my gym bag, just as I was nearly done, a black BMW pulled up next to me.

A blacked out window rolled down and a face, white as my note, looked out, his eyes were shielded with a pair of black ray-bans and his scruffy black hair was all over his face.
‘I’m Gerard, assuming you are Jazz, the angel I'm meant to pick up, we’re going to Vegas.’ He opened the door for me and off we went.
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