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Dear Gerard,

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Frank's last letter to Gerard.

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Don't do it.
I love you...

Those words could have helped me through it, the depression, maybe they could have saved me. Probably not. But at least words like those could have encouraged me to keep going, at least for a little while longer. No one ever noticed how I really felt. You guys were always busy doing something else, coming up with new lyrics, new chords, living life. Always busy. I didn't want all your attention but at least you could have asked me how I was doing. I even started self-harming again. I started wearing my long sleeve shirts again, and I had hoped at least one of you guys would have noticed. Then I started talking more about suicide, like I did around the time I worked with Leathermouth, constantly depressed and unhappy. I also thought you would realize my change in behavior. Then I started going to bed earlier and started crying myself to sleep, trying not to be loud and not disturb any of you guys. You sleep on the bunk across from me and I guess I must have whimpered or something 'cause one time you asked me if I was okay because you had heard me the previous night. I had told you it was just a nightmare and that I was fine. You believed me. I hoped that you would see through my lies. You didn't. No one did. It's not that I blame you guys that you didn't notice, it just makes me wonder if you even cared about me. If someone would have just said something that was worth living like:

You aren't alone.
I care.
I would cry if you died.

I may still be alive today. But really there was only one person who could save me. You. I have always admired you. You were always perfect to me, no matter how fucked up you were. Even when you were high on drugs I thought you were perfect. I love you. I have always loved you, more than a friend. I had to say it, because you have the right to know. I love you kindness and selflessness. No matter what you were going through you always had hope. You and your powerful and inspiring voice have saved hundreds of kids lives. I don't blame you for any of this and I know you've always been against this, but I have nothing left. There is no reason to live. Loving you is my reason to live and die. Because I know that you'll be to carry on without me. I hope that you continue to save lives even after I'm gone, and though it's not your fault, I just wish that you could have save me.

Goodbye Gerard.
xoxo Keep the faith.

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