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Voice Recorder Fun?

by ShadowSouls 3 reviews

Ah, the strangeness boredom can lead to...

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Hello Ficwaddians,

Well, right now, I am completely, utterly..........bored.

There is absolutely NOTHING for me to do. I'm sick of Tumblr, sick of TV, sick of watching movies, sick of reading fanfic. For gods sake. My internet is SUPER SLOW so I can't watch Criminal Minds online, or fangirl over Dr. Spencer Reid. FML

So idk, I came up with a stupid idea. Ask me a question, tell me to say a certain sentance (however stupid it can be), tell me to translate something to you to Arabic in a recording. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW JUST TALK TO ME BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND ;________________;

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