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just sleep

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So do we take turns or what?

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I'm taking a little time to whine now.. I can see that there's some lovably weird individuals who actually read this story. So please, review! Is the story worth keeping up? Do you come back to read the new chapter after each update or are all of you just passing by, thinking "this is shit, I'll never cross this story again" lol
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I was sitting on the loveseat, as I'd been doing for the past couple hours. I wasn't sure exactly how late it was but I was starting to figure out just how true all the talk about sleep had been.

I'd heard a lot about it in the past, how people slept for about 7 hours per day, some lazy ass individuals even 12 hours, or more.

I wasn't familiar with this sensation and the first thought that hit me when I could feel the energy evaporate from my body and my eyelids slowly grow heavier, was that I'd been poisoned.

Call my way of thinking irrational if you will, but I'd actually been poisoned once and the first wave of toxic in my system felt no different than this.
I was allowed to panic.

A part of me knew I was being foolish but I couldn't help eyeing each one of the men suspiciously before realizing they all looked as weary and drained as I felt.

Ray and the man named Mikey (with whom, I'd learned later, Ray had discussed me while I'd waited in the hallway) even yawned, streching their faces and looking rather funny. We couldn't all be under the impact of poison or narcotics, could we?

Besides, I had no idea what the narcotics or other toxic substances of this world were, or how they worked. Did they have stuff like that? Sure they did, right, people will always have ways of controling each other or themselves, using poison or drugs.

Where I came from, where there was no sleep, narcotics lay you under a trance-like state that could last as long as coma could in this new world; a lifetime. Extremely dangerous: Fully awake but drained and completely powerless, both figuratively and literally speaking.
Served and exposed on a silver platter to anyone or anything wanting to harm you.

After a while of deep thought I decided this wasn't narcotics or poison, I decided it was sleep, whatever on earth that would mean.
Sleep was on its way and my conclusion was only confirmed when one of the men looked around and mused something about couches, beds and matresses and the fact that there apparently weren't enough of them for all of us to sleep on.

Atleast sleeping seemed to be a good thing, something people looked forward to. Something comfortable, atleast that's what all the talk about beds and couches led me to think.

We had beds back home, too. We didn't need sleep, but we had a great sense of comfort. The thought of lying down and relaxing on something soft and warm was hardly resistable.
Experiencing sleep for the first time would be something interesting to look forward to.

I hadn't talked much all night, barely even kept up with the conversation or listened to the others and by now I'd zoned out almost completely. I made a note to keep my ears (and eyes) open, and try to learn more about the pre-actions and preperations we people made before sleeping.

"Frank can take the loveseat, he's short enough" Someone snorted. I couldn't identify their voices just yet, I was only familiar with Frank's, Ray's and the man's they called Mikey.

I looked around, the man who spoke appeared to be the one in the corner, with coal black over-grown about shoulder-length greasy hair, light hazel eyes and a narrow slightly inclinated mouth.
He seemed to speak from the corner of it, making his accent more prominent than the others'. As if I hadn't found that accent amusing enough before.

"She's short as well" Frank exclaimed subtly nodding at me.

"You can be the gentleman and have a sore back in the morning" Ray snickered and added "One way or the other, my bed is all mine. I'm not sharing" He stated sternly.

"Egocentric" The blue-eyed man with a piercing on his lower lip muttered. His light color hair had been cut short and he'd been wearing a black beanie on his head earlier on.

Ray left the room and didn't come back. I wondered if he'd fallen asleep and fought the urge to go look.

"I say you take the thin matress, Mikey. You're so skinny you won't touch the ground sleeping on it like the rest of us do" Frank suggested thoughtfully.

Mikey didn't protest, he left the room soon after Ray. Now I really wondered why people were disappearing, the matress Frank had referred to was right there on the floor, in this room, only a feet or two infront of me.

"And Bob, why won't you ask Ray if he'd be kind enough as to even share his room with you. The couch is comfy enough for your sensitive figure and you both snore like there's no tommorrow" Frank said casting an angelic smile at the man with blue eyes.

"Who put you in charge anyway" I heard the man mutter as he exited the room. Strange how everyone seemed more moody now, when tired.
To be honest I didn't feel like a freaking sunshine myself. Maybe grogginess was another sign of the upcoming sleep.

"Your mom did, she likes it that way" Frank called after him, smiling deviously.
I had to chuckle at that. Frank reminded me of someone from home, but I couldn't quite put my finger on who it was. I'd noticed my memories fading away. Not completely, nowhere near completely, but it was as if they were surrounded by a thick fog I couldn't discard from my cloudy mind. They were definitely there, but I couldn't take a closer look at them.

"I can sleep on the loveseat" I suggested and both Frank and the black-haired man looked at me. What, I had spoken tonight hadn't I?

"Very well then" Frank agreed mouthing a 'thank you' at me. I showed him a tired smile. He turned to face the man who was just finishing his cigarette.

"Looks like we'll get to share this couch" He announced.

"Oh dear Lord" The other man sighed but let out a smirk and threatened to 'kick Frankie's hobbit ass' if he'd find himself on the floor in the morning.
He walked towards the door, Frank right behind him. Right as the other men stepped out, Mikey walked in and faced me.

"You should go tackle Frank, the man makes you wait forever for your turn. Trust me, I've been there" He stated pointing at the door.

"My turn?" I repeated with a question. Do we take turns sleeping? Was Mikey done already then?
That was fast.

"Yeah, you know, for the bathroom. He likes to wash his pretty little face and brush his shiny teeth for hours" He explained rolling his eyes.

"Oh" I didn't think of another reply. So that's where people were disappearing to. They brushed their teeth and washed their faces before sleep.
Well, that made sense, I did that every noon and every evening as well.

I got up and hurried out the door. I saw the fifth man, the one whose name I still couldn't recall, get out of the bathroom so I took a few quick steps and wedged between the door and the awaiting Frank.

"But-" He dropped the sentence and gawked at me, after which he sighed and gestured me to go on. He must've been used to being passed.

I closed the door and walked to the sink. The water felt good on my face. I didn't have a tootbrush so I settled with flushing my mouth with water a few times.
I walked out of the bathroom and back to the living room, laid down on the loveseat and draped an old blanket around my body.
After a moment someone turned off the lights and I felt more comfortable than I had in the entire evening. I took a deep breath and squeezed my eyes shut.
The only way of finding sleep, meaning the only way I could think of, was meditating and that was exactly what I was going to do.

It was all in the mind.

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