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The only hope for me is you

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Frank and Gerard were best friends and boyfriends. When frank moved away for a year to france he said gerard could date someone else till he comes back. When frank comes home to Gerard theirs a bab...

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When Gerard was just 14 he met frank. Frank was a kid who smoked, drank and was paid to be raped, he was also a vegetarian. The reason gerard met a wonderful man like frank was cause he saw him laying on the street next to a lamp post. Frank had a black eye, bloody nose and he was smoking a cigarette. Gerard noticed his nose ring, lip ring and all his tattoos. That's when he walked up to frank and finally said something, " hi I'm Gerard." frank looked up tears fell down his eyes. " I-I'm fr-frank." he stuttered. Gerard noticed he was shivering. " here let me give you a hand." Gerard said. " th-thank you s-so much." frank stuttered again. It started snowing in new jeresy that night Gerard wraped his jacket around frank who was wearing skinny Jeans and a green day t-shirt with ripped of sleeves and holes in it. finally they stopped instead of snow coming down it was rain and frank started to cry. " I'm sorry Gerard for making you come out and help me I know who you are your in my art class!" Gerard looked at frank closely.


I loved Gerard he had perfect eyes, lips and the cutest nose. I looked up at him he was asking if I was ok. I just nodded my head but instead of nodding yes I nodded no, Gerard looked at me, " oh I all ways thought you were the gay kid who would say yes when he met someone who got called a faggot." I paused and said " oh I ment yes sorry." he giggled and hugged me. He came closer to my neck and Started to breath it felt so right and perfect at the same time. He started to bite my skin I moanded, he moaned. Then Gerard whispered in my ear, " I'm gonna fuck you like their's no tomorrow Frankie." I froze.


We walked into my house I pulled on frank he moaned it was 12:30 a.m I pulled him
Closer and put a finger on his soft lips so he would be quiet. When we got to my room Mikey was standing their. He gave me evil eyes and looked at frank " hey frank." he said. He looked back at me. " I told mom your little lie your staying at ray's late tonight with pete she laughed and went to bed. Your in big trouble Gerard. I can't keep your little lie or secret anymore. I have to tell her your out smoking and looking for a place to commit suciscide!" I looked at frank who got tears in his eyes he looked at me pushed me to the ground and started making out with me. Mikey rolled his eyes and left the room. That was the first night I had sex and the hundredth time for frank.
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