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Sun Through Leaves

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Pre-KH, so no spoilers. A typical day on the Islands. Short, fluffy, glossed over smut, sentimental wangs at the end.

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Disclaimer: If I owned them, there would have been even more slash scenes in the games.

Sun Through Leaves

The wind was so heavy with Fate and the scent of seawater that Sora could almost taste it, leaving a faint tangy sensation in the back of his throat. The setting sun was deep red on the horizon, almost blinding as it reflected off the sea and sky in brilliant oranges and hints of purple and pink. The smell of rain still lingered from the afternoon storm, and the air was moist and fresh, just the way Sora liked it best.
He was currently sprawled out on the bent paupu tree Riku had long ago claimed as his own, one leg dangling off the branch with the other propped up for balance, his arms making a nice pillow for his head. He sighed contently and carefully shifted - it had taken some time for him to find that one position that didn't cause dull pains throughout his body from the various trinkets he insisted on wearing, and he wasn't too eager to have to resettle himself if he messed it up.

Sora was just getting comfortable and drifting towards sleep when something small and hard struck him on the head, waking him with a jolt that sent him toppling to the ground. Soft curses of indignation escaped his lips and he looked up just in time to see Riku sauntering towards him across the bridge.

"About time I got a response out of you," Riku said dryly, smirk clearly visible from even a few feet away.

Sora grumbled quietly and shifted into a sitting position with a stifled yawn. "Time to head back already?" he asked, glancing up at his friend as Riku approached. The leaves of the paupu trees didn't block much of the light from the sunset, but the place he'd fallen to gave him a bit of shade. And when he looked up, Riku's face and upper torso were lined with shadows from the leaves, making an interesting pattern that Sora was suddenly imagining tracing with his fingers - once Riku's shirt was out of the way, of course.

"Are you listening?"

Riku's voice snapped him out of his fantasy and he adopted a sheepish grin in response to his friend's partly suspicious, partly amused expression. "What were you saying?"

"I said that Kairi and the others already went back, leaving me the job of tracking your sorry ass down and dragging you back with me."


Riku rolled his eyes and stepped around the tree, resting an arm on it as he leaned down and smirked at Sora. "Is that disappointment I hear?" he asked, and his smirk widened when he caught sight of a blush. "I didn't say I would drag you back immediately," he added softly.

Sora slanted a look up at Riku through his bangs, shivering when he saw the darkened sea-green eyes and the smirk that wasn't quite a smirk anymore. He reached up before he realised what he was doing, grasping his friend's shirt and tugging.

Their lips met and meshed together, and it didn't take long before their tongues were dueling for dominance. Hands wandered and eventually found skin, breathing becoming ragged, limbs arching and bodies shuddering as the heat and passion rose between them before crashing over them. They lay still for a time after, Riku settled atop Sora with a content, smug expression as the sun sank completely below the horizon.

Sora found himself dazedly entranced by the shadows still dancing over Riku, the edges softened a bit by moonlight. He lifted a hand to tangle his fingers in the silvery hair and he couldn't help but grin at the way Riku shivered against him, relaxing even more as a soft, almost purring sound escaped his throat. He enjoyed these moments most, when they were both content enough not to move, limbs tangled together as they enjoyed each other's body-heat. It was times like this that made him want to stay here forever, despite the clawing desire to see what else was out there.

Here, on tiny, tiny island with the paupu trees, Riku a comfortable weight on top of him, he could almost believe this was all he needed; that the sensation of an approaching storm that had settled in chest was just his imagination and that he didn't have to somehow tighten his hold on the things he found important to him.

He didn't want to believe that things could change. He wanted to be selfish just a bit longer, so he wrapped his other arm around Riku and stroked his fingers through the silver hair again, enjoying the way the shadows of the leaves seemed to caress Riku's skin, his fingers following behind.
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