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The Black Parade: Welcome to the Black Parade

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Not even doing a summary cause I suck; abuse, gay guys. sex,death, self mutilation, zombie/vampire hunting. AND SO MUCH MORE. R&R frerard. MikeyxOC. RayxBob Book one in the Black Parade Trilogy D...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2012-04-14 - Updated: 2012-06-23 - 1301 words

Next Chapter, Ferard/Frerard is for-fucking-ever. Peace, love, Channy, Seddie, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. ALSO, I don't own this story or any of the people these characters are based off of. I made up how they are to fit the story. I also lost a bet and have to add myself to all my stories. Fuck me-.\\
Gerard's PoV
My alarm clock gave off its annoying beeping and I looked over at the clock. Fuck, I forgot it was Monday. I shut my alarm clock off and went to go wake up Mikey, Ray and Bob. An hour later, we left for school, a short walk, a bus ride and an awkward silence later, we got to school.
A few comments were flung at me and Mikey but we kept walking, until I bumped into a girl. She was as tall as Frank. She had Black hair on top and red on the bottom. It was pinned straight and her make-up was like most people would perceive Goths. Heavy black eyeliner, black and red eye shadow, gray lipstick. She had red and black stripped destruction jeans with safety pins through the destruction, a black Misfits T-shirt with red lettering and black and red sneakers. She flushed red and started apologizing.
"Oh my God I'm so sorry. I'm just trying to find out where my homeroom is."
"Let me guess, first day?"
"Yeah and due to my appearance, no one seems to want to help me. I take it goths aren't exactly liked around here…"
"Goth's and emo's aren't pretty liked around here. That's why we all hang out together. And what's your homeroom?"
"Miss Sattler…" She looked at her schedule and I remembered.
"My brother's in that class. I can ask him to show you where it is."
"Really? Oh my God thanks. My little sister abandoned me to go hang out with the preps. I'm Hailey by the way, Hailey Weary."
"I'm Gerard Way and my brother is Mikey." Mikey walked over to us and I saw Hailey go a little red. Someone's got a crush on my little brother. I smirked and saw his usual poker face gone. He looked awe struck. I introduced them. "Mikey, this is Hailey. She's in your homeroom. Would you mind showing her around?"
"Uh y-yeah. No problem Gee." I swapped numbers with Hailey and Mikey led her to class. I caught up with Bob and Ray and faced my daily Hell.
I found Hailey, Mikey, Bob and ray sitting at the lunch table and smirked. She and Mikey kept looking at each other and when they caught one another, they both flushed. I sat down and looked at Mikey. "Hey Mikes, you look oddly happy, what's going on in that thick head of yours?"
"Nothing, but Hailey has some really cool ideas. Just thinking about them."
"Oh yeah, like what?" I looked at her and she blushed an even brighter shade of red.
"They're not really that good. But you know how people are always stereotyping us as goth or emo? Well I think that should stop. I was actually thinking of something else for them to call us and when the overhead speaker rang out about marching band practice, it hit me. I'm still working on it, it needs a few tweaks but I might have come up with a name for us." She showed me a paper and I read a list of names she had come up with. They were all pretty good.
"Are you a writer?"
"Yeah, kind of. I write short stories and poems but none of them are that good."
"Any chance that I could read them?" Mikey said and I swear she was bright red. Her smile got really big.
"Yeah, if you want to."
"You have any on you?" She nodded and pulled out a folder. It was pretty thick and she handed a packet to me and Mikey. Mine was about thirty pages. "You call this short?" I half yelled, laughing.
She nodded and I noticed Mikey reading. That kid had never read a day in his life so that came as a shock to everybody. Hailey got up to go throw out her tray when someone tripped her, causing her to fall, spilling her punch everywhere. I heard a lot of people laughing and Mikey rushed over to her.
"You might want to be a little more careful where you're walking Hailey. You wouldn't want to get hurt again, would you sis?" A brown curly haired girl said. She had a cheerleading uniform on with high heels. She made me sick to my stomach just looking at her. Hailey was clenching her fist and Mikey was trying to calm her down. She stood up though and faced who I presume to be her little sister.
"Well Liz, you might want to be a little more careful who you pick on. Remember who here has the upper hand."
Liz snorted. "Well that would obviously be me. You've always been jealous of me."
Hailey looked like she was going to punch her in the face if Mikey wasn't holding her back. "I'd never be jealous of you. You're just some Barbie wanna be bimbo slut who would rather whore herself around than get a boyfriend." Everybody went 'oooohh' and I couldn't help but laugh.
"Who the hell are you, lecturing me about having a boyfriend, you haven't had one since CJ dumped you."
"I actually do."
Liz gritted her teeth. "Prove it you fucking emo bitch."
Then Hailey did the unexpected. She turned around and kissed Mikey full on the lips. My mouth dropped to the floor and I could tell that Mikey was really surprised too. He was really getting into it and blushed when she pulled away. She stuck her middle finger up at her sister and came to sit down, Mikey following closely behind her. He was still shocked, his poker face missing. She was blushing and when he sat down, she started on an apologizing rampage.
"Oh my God, Mikey I'm so sorry about that. I didn't know what else to do and you were right there and I didn't want to kiss some random guy and-" He cut her off and kissed her again, leaving everybody in shock. He pulled back and smirked at her.
"Now will you shut up so I could ask you out?" Mikey asked and she nodded. "Will you go out with me?" She nodded again and kissed him. I laughed and Bob groaned.
"Get a fucking room Mikey. Not all of us want to see you and your new girlfriend play tonsil hockey. Go make out with your nerd somewhere else." I heard and thud under the table and saw Hailey smirking. "Strong little nerd..." Bob mumbled and Mikey grinned.
Frank's PoV
My day was boring. Donna was on the phone with the state most of the day explaining everything that happened with them and by the end of the day, I was adopted. I spent most of it going through Gee's room. I found my guitar and played for most of the day. When Gee got back from school, I couldn't stop smiling. He looked dumbstruck though.
"What happened Gee," I asked, kinda curious about what would make him look like that.
"Mikey… has a GIRLFRIEND." He plopped down on his bed and I moved closer to him.
"And this comes as a surprise how?"
"He hasn't had a girlfriend… Ever. We all thought he was gay."
"oh wow. So when do I get to meet her?"
"Well you start school tomorrow so I'm guessing then."
"Damn. I hate school."
"You and me both."
It was silent for a minute until I leaned in. Fighting my better judgment, I leaned in and kissed Gerard.
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