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The Fantasy

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Things get a little complicated from now on...

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OMG I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING I KIND OF FORGOT ABOUT IT. Yeah, I really am sorry. And I feel much better, so that's why I'm kindly updating for you. Anyway, mwuhahahaha I have loads of drama lined up >:D Yeah, on with the story... Oh, and it's all gonna be in the past first tense, I've decided it's a lot easier than present tense.

Frank's POV

I dragged myself towards Biology, which I had with Gerard and Ray, so at least I could talk to them all lesson. We arrived and found that the teacher was already yelling at students for being 2 minutes late, so we snuck in behind her and hoped she didn't notice, because we're such badasses. Obviously.

The lesson took forever and at last the bell rung for lunch, so we sprinted out of the door, getting yelled at in the process, and ran all the way to the bench. Breathing heavily from the run, we collapsed on the bench, but then Mikey and the rest of the gang turned up and we were turned out of the seats for the 'newcomers'.

'I swear that isn't fair! We were there first and we ran all the way, so we're tired and need to rest.' Gerard protested, and I nodded very energetically to emphasise the point. The others looked at us and said 'No chance, we're here now so tough luck!' with an evil grin on their faces. Most were looking at Gee when they said this, but I noticed that Mikey was staring quite hard at me, which I found rather uncomfortable, so I looked down at my black Converses and felt a blush creep up on my cheeks.

'Seriously guys, I think Frank needs to sit down. He's so cute looking, how can you not let him?' Gee carried on, giving me a nudge in the ribs, indicating that I should give them my puppy eyes, which Gerard thought were very cute. So I complied and I could feel Mikey's gaze burn into me as I did this, so I quickly stopped and looked uncomfortable instead. Great move for getting the bench back, Frank.

'No, we're not budging, right Mikey?' Max shouted from underneath Dan. Poor Max was shorter than all of them and somehow ended up with Dan on his lap, which meant that he was steadily being crushed to death. Poor little guy, I know how it feels to be crushed to a pulp.

'FINE! Me and Frank and Ray will just go and find somewhere better then. Without you lot!' Gerard said rather childishly, and we could all tell it was a joke. However, Mikey looked a little hurt and quickly said 'Guys, maybe we should let Frank at least have a seat. He's only what? 4 foot 9 or something...'

'I'm fine...' I insisted, but Mikey had already stood up. I continued to protest 'Guys, there are nine of us, so if four of us sit on the bench, then three can sit on laps and two on the chair arms...' Everyone looked at me like I was a genius, and we all stood up, got ourselves in height order, and the four tallest would sit on the bench. Mikey, Bob, Chris and Dan ended up taking the four seats, and Gerard and Ray had to sit on the arms, because they were in the middle. Me, Matt and Max sat on Mikey, Bob and Dan respectively, mainly because no one wanted to sit on Chris, who was known to be 'incomfortable', as Max put it. Oh god, I couldn't help but think that Max really was cute, and although I still loved Gerard, it didn't stop me from thinking he was adorable.

Mikey was getting a bit fidgety underneath me, so I piped up 'Mikey, what the hell is up with you today?' as a joke, but he froze and I saw a small blush creep onto his cheeks. He muttered something about 'not feeling very well' but I didn't believe him. I let it drop, and Matt suddenly shouted 'OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M GONNA PASS OUT FROM HUNGER IN A MINUTE WE NEED TO GO GET SOME SHITTY FOOD FROM THE SHITTY CANTEEN!' and everyone apart from Bob jumped out of their skin. It was really funny, and Matt later said that he was in a random mood, and was also hungry, so he just improvised. After that, we all traipsed to the canteen to get some 'shitty' food, as Matt had so kindly suggested.

The bell rang just after we had finished eating the shitty food, and we said our goodbyes as most of us wouldn't see the rest of us after last period. Me, Bob and Gerard went to form and as I sank into my seat, Bob asked me 'So, Frank. Although you're with Gerard, you have your eye on Max?' in a hushed tone so that Gee wouldn't hear.

I hiss 'Of course not! Why would I like Max? I'm perfectly happy with Gerard!', and I then turn back around to sit next to Gee, and I start up a conversation about whether Green Day were better than Misfits, with me arguing Green Day were better. Form time passed with Bob smirking at me from behind my back and me & Gee arguing playfully with each other. I look at my timetable and groan, because it shows that we've all got PE next, and it just so happens that Max and Matt are in our class. Max and Matt are a couple, and I can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy towards Matt. Who knows why, because Gerard is so gorgeous and he's my boyfriend, and he couldn't be more perfect.

We get going, and as soon as I see Max in the changing room, my knees get a bit weaker. He's only in his boxers, and his smooth tanned back is showing. Oh my god, that boy is literally 100% cuteness concentrated into the form of a human being. A small poke from behind me told me that Iactually stopped and Gee was getting a bit impatient.

'So, no prizes for guessing why you stopped just then, hey?' He whispered into my ear, and I could tell from his voice that he also had noticed someone. Looking around the changing room, I soon figured out that he was talking about Matt, as opposed to Max. At least I knew I wasn't the only one.

We had fitness that term, and me, Gerard, Max and Matt bagsied the treadmills for the entire hour. Gerard ran at a very slow pace, with Max and Matt not being much better, but because I used to regularly beat up guys at home and chase them through the streets of Belleville, I was used to it and found it quite easy. Gee got talking to Matt about music and they got very animated, with Matt showing Gerard different hand positions for bass. Me and Max also got talking, and we mainly talked about Josh, and how much of a complete dickhead he was. Apparently Max and the others hadn't told him about their sexuality, and his reaction had proved them right not to tell him.

The hour passed in comfortable, quiet chatter and pretty soon we were getting changed again. When Gerard took off his slightly damp, sweaty shirt, I found that I had forgotten how utterly perfect he was and I only just managed to withhold a small gasp. Seriously though, his snowy white skin went perfectly with his jet black hair and he was so dreamy. Sorry to sound like a teenage girl with a pathetic crush, but he was.

Bob's POV

Oh my god, it's Bob's point of veiw! Yeah, all will be revealed in a minute...

I walked home on my own, considering that my house was in the opposite direction to the other guy's houses who walked home as well. I found myself lost in my thoughts, first thinking about Bert, but then I thought back to how the guys had reacted today. Oh my fucking god, it was so confusing and if any of what I knew spilt out, it would end in disaster and the whole group splitting up. If only I wasn't so observant. Because by the way Mikey broke up with Ray and behaved around Frank, it was pretty clear that he liked the midget. And as for Frank himself, he insisted that he still loved Gerard, but I could tell that he also liked Max. Unfortunately. Oh, and Gerard liked Matt. And Max and Matt were going out. Oh, and Dan and Chris weren't a really happy couple any more, I saw Dan checking out a certain guy named James Veck-Gilodi, who was kind of hot, but not my type. Bloody hell, why can't people be happy? I nearly forgot, Ray told me that after he broke up with Mikey, he liked someone else anyway and he admitted that he likes a guy called Brendon Urie in the year above us.

I really want to scream sometimes, because my friends can be so obviously obvious about who they really like but they won't admit it. Maybe it would be better if I just told everyone tomorrow that I know all about them, and who they like. Hmm, that's given me some food for thought.

Apologies if it's shorter, but I tried to make it longer and shit, so hopefully it's not awful. Interesting plot, eh? I was gonna leave you to work it out for yourself but I wanted to clear up any confusion with the last little bit there. Enough of my ramblings, thanks for reading! mychemicalpony :)
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