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Road Signs

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...Well, actually, signs in general

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Welcome To Arkansas
The Natural State
Home of President Bill Clinton
Please note that in compliance with Megan's law, the above is a known sex offender.

Soft Shoulders
Blind Curves
Steep Grades
Big Trucks
Good Luck

Absolutely Nothing
Next 22 Miles

Hitch Hikers May Be Escaping Inmates

Caution: Water On Road During Rain

Hidden Entrance

Secreat Nuclear Bunker
Next Left

Our public bar is not open, because it is closed. Manager

No Trespassers
Violators will be shot
Survivors will be shot again

Welcome to Stanton
Home of 3000 friendly people and a few old soreheads

Sure, you could probably vomit without us, but how much fun would THAT be?

Right Lane
Must Turn Right

Semi Tractor and Trailers Prohibited

NO right turn trucks over two axels

No trucks over 2000lb or two axels permitted

Monday to Friday

Daisy Air-Rifles
Keeping kids off your lawns since 1886!

Drive carefully
We have two cemeteries and no hospital
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