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At A Loss

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Gerard mourns over the loss of his beloved.

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Oh god. I found this story saved on my phone from a while ago.

The end. How can I go on? 
The dark vehicle stops in front of the large traditional Roman Catholic cathedral. Groups of his family members all stand outside dressed in black, sheltered from the tears of heaven under their dark umbrellas as they mourn over the loss of a family member. 

On the outside, I look fine. You would never know how much it tears me apart inside. He was all I had. My best friend, my boyfriend, my guilty pleasure, my Frank. And now, he's gone. 

I pushed the raven hair from my eyes and climbed the steps into the cathedral, pushing open the heavy church doors. Red roses lay across the dark wood casket in the back of the large, room. I hold back the tears as my feet find their way to him, avoiding the stares and whispers. I crouch down beside him. The realization that he was now forever gone only now hit me. There they go. The salty water flows from my eyes landing softly upon his skin, now grey and pale. His lids were closed, concealing the puppy-dog eyes that I was so fond of. I take a hold of his cold hand, squeezing it three times. 

"F-Frankie," I began "Why? Why did you have to leave me here? You're the only reason for my sanity. I know nothing can be taken back but I will miss you. I'll miss waking up with you curled into my side," I choke back more tears. He would hate to see me cry. He would hold me and say its okay, take away the pain. 

"I'll miss our long talks about pointless nothingness, our arguments over stupid shit, and your easy amusement."

I take a long pause to recollect myself. 

"I love you. More than anything. Remember that."

I kiss his hand in closing and reposition it upon his other. I don't bother to stay for the remainder of the funeral, I only agree to take him to his final resting place- six feet under after it was all over. 

I swallow the putrid liquid, allowing it to burn the back of my throat. I am a mess. Tears have dried on my face, new ones continuing to fall only making my eyes more red and the puffiness continuing to grow. I hold in my hand, my fate. The only thing that can reunite me and my Frank-a small, shiny .45. I can be with him again. In heaven. Swallowing the remainder of the horrid liquid, I place the loaded gun firmly to my temple. I'm ready to blow my brains across the ceiling. The note has already been written. It's lying on the floor at my feet. Its contents containing any of the need-to-knows for whoever the fuck cares enough to come find me. I brace myself for the beginning of the end. I won't regret it. He is my life, I cannot live without him. What is the point of it if he's no longer here with me. 

I gave the trigger a slightly tighter grip.


It was over. He was silenced. The gun fell to the ground and the fragments of his skull fell.

Yes, I know that a lot of people have done the whole Frerard-funeral thing but I wanted to take a stab at it myself. I'm aware that the end is bland but I quickly threw this story together. I was bored and I had Demolition Lovers and Early Sunsets stuck on a loop.  Please R&R? If you didn't like it, can you leave some ways I can improve? 
(Oh and the 'squeezed his hand three times' is something I do with my little sister. 1squeeze- I, 2-love, 3-you.)
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