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I'm Not Blind (Stupid, Yes)

by DisenchatedDestroya 3 reviews

"I’m already in this nightmare." Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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I'm Not Blind (Stupid, Yes)

I see you looking,
Eyes tiny cameras,
Willing me to crack,
Trust me, though, I won’t be looking back.

I can read your mind,
Boring like a book,
Pages of pity,
Exploring me like a broken-down city.

I know what you think,
How “sorry” you are,
For that kid,
Too weak to finally lift the lid.

I get your lies,
Hollow empty words,
Aching with care,
But I’m already in this nightmare.

I feel your glare,
Burning me through,
Pulsed with envy,
You wish you weren’t scared to be,

A/N: Just a short little poem about some stuff that's going through my head right now. Not entirely sure if I like this so please let me know what you think/how to improve. Thanks for reading! :)
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