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A Note

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Anyone who has read my fanfictions over the years, please read :)

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I'm sorry to say that I'm calling it quits. I think you all have notice (at least the lovely people that have stuck with me over the years. Has it really been five years??) that I stopped posting a good year and a half ago.

I've made some incredible friends along the way that have encouraged my writing and inspired me immensely and I am so fucking grateful for all of the support I've gotten. You have no idea how much it's helped me grow as a writer and a person.

I no longer feel attached to MCR in the ways I used to, or to the stories I was writing. I've grown up. And whilst that's sad, it's also quite wonderful because I get to explore my creativity more and more.

I won't be deleting this account either (can you even do that?) I will probably be posting in different fandoms (ie Harry Potter, I have something lovely cooked up for that)

If any of you want to keep in touch or something my tumblr is feel free to hit me up.

Anyway, you have all been fabulous to this girl and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me company here on the interwebs!
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