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Empty Face.

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Inspired by Gerard Way's quote 'All your quirks, all your problems- even your depressions and your failures- it's what makes you, YOU.'

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Note 4/10/12: Like I said on Dress of Bones, I'm just going through my poems and editing stuff, and again, thanks to the sad, sad trolls on this site, if someone rated this back up to green, it would be amazing.

Here's a little poem I wrote just now, inspired by one of my favourite ever Gerard Way quotes. I hope you like it- and either way, I'd love to know what you think.


Empty Face.

I wish I could peel off my face,
Peel off my flaws,
And peel off my disgrace.

I wish I could gouge out my eyes,
Gouge out the screams,
And gouge out the lies.

I wish I could carve out my lips,
Carve out the silence,
And carve out my eclipse.

I wish I could peel off my face.
I wish I could scratch out the sorrow
So I’ll never have to retrace.

Paint on new things,
Talents and smiles and belief,
My singing born from screams-
And ambitions I never thought I’d achieve.

But if I peeled off my face,
And if I painted on;
These shallow aspirations,
And an escapist's idea of perfection,
All these false celebrations;

Who would I be?

Without the flaws and the fears and the failings,

I sure as hell wouldn't be me.


Make my day by reviewing and rating? I'd love to know if this actually made sense to someone other than me! Thanks for taking the time to read :)

CosmicZombie xo
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