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Requests/suggestions here please!

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What's up fuckers?

Guess who's been spending too much time on youtube! Grace face

Yuha me

But that is totally not the point though I'm pretty sure you guys already know what the point it/] today I come to ask for you to nominate yourselves [well your work in order for me to make your story an audio book!

Reasons you should do this
- I have too much time on my hands
- I'm British you Americans seem to dig that
- I finally figured out how to use garage band
- I will do my best to bring your characters to life!

Rules and regulations
- Has to be gay
- if a whole story it has to be complete
- has to be checked for typos
- not a has to but it's easier if your work is in third person

So feel free to offer your work, it gives me an opportunity to read from writers I normally wouldn't and I really enjoy putting on voices so y'no

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