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This is a Hunger Games fic, they just don't have a catagory. When Katniss leaves Gale tries to heal his hurting heart by turning to the mysterious girl in the woods he met three years ago. Will t...

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A warm wind blows through the slats in the wood, carrying the sounds of the reaping towards me. Rolling over onto my stomach, I move the little flap of fabric to the side, revealing a peep hole. The rabbit that has been in my line of sight for the majority of the morning has moved on. I curse silently to myself before sitting up.

The drone of the reaping goes on for a while longer, eventually dying out. About thirty later a twig snaps near by. Grabbing my bow I fit an arrow in it, prepared to shoot. Even after the dark haired, muscled boy is standing in front of me, my weapon is still drawn.

“Lower that thing, Alstroemeria,” Gale says as he sits down in front of me, handing over a small piece of bread.

“Sorry,” I mumble, “So who is going off to die?”

“Peeta Mellark, the baker’s son, and Katniss in place of her little sister Prim,” Gale answers, not making eye contact.

“I was certain it would be you this year,” I comment. “How many times is your name in that big glass bowl?”

“Forty – two, how do you manage to avoid getting your name put in?”

“I live in the woods,” I comment, pulling at a string on my pants. “Stop worrying about her. If it makes you feel any better my names on the list of people to kill if they enter the districts.”

Gale looks up from the dirt floor, “She’s my best friend. Now she’s gone off to die and I’m going to have to take care of her family along with mine.”

“I’ll help,” I answer, tracing a vein on Gale’s calloused hand. “Whatever you do don’t take stuff from the Peacekeepers. You don’t need your name entered into the reaping anymore.”

My dark haired friend nods, “I wish you’d come back with me.”

Shaking my head I wonder why he’d even think that’s an option. The Peacekeepers would know I was there within minutes. I’d get taken away to the capital and killed. President Snow doesn’t take kindly to those who try and start rebellions. Besides, town is too cramped. I prefer my space.

“Will you at least watch the games?” Gale questions. We both find the Hunger Games repulsive but it’s important to know what’s going on.

“I’ll watch it from behind the fence on the big screen set up in the main square. You’re welcome to join me,” I answer, peeling the bark off a near by piece of fire wood.

“My family is watching the game with the Everdeens.”

“Well, I wish you luck. Remember to visit. I need some more medicine when you get a chance.”

“Are you telling me to leave?” Gale asks with a slight smirk on his face.

“No point in you hanging around. You can mope around just as easily at home as you can here.”

Gale scowls, “She’s my best friend, Alstroemeria.”

I just shrug. I’ve watched plenty of children being rushed off to the capital to compete in the games; some of them I had made acquaintance with. You learn to harden yourself. The capital will be taken down; there are plenty of us just waiting for the proper time to rebel. It’s coming, I can feel it.

“She’ll do fine. Killing people is just like killing animals,” I explain as Gale goes to leave. “I’ll see you later.”

“I’m not coming back tonight Alstroemeria. I’ve got to be there if my family or the Everdeens need me.”

With that he’s gone; I didn’t even get a pat on the head. Perhaps I should have been a bit more sympathetic. Oh well, what’s done is done. Gale will come to his senses.

For the remainder of the night I continue to whittle away at the fire wood, forming it into the shape of a butterfly. Maybe I’ll give it to Gale as a present for one of his siblings.

Next Morning

I fall asleep late and wake up early. Today is the day I will finally hunt down that deer I’d seen a few days back. Although I have no intentions of using it, I carry my bow along just incase I come across smaller game. The rope Gale brought me a few years ago is wound loosely around my shoulder. If I do this right the deer should be an easy target.

The sun is just beginning to rise when I spot the animal. It’s ears twitch, listening for even the tiniest of sounds. Silently I pull three berries out of my pocket, placing them in the palm of my hand. Slowly I approach the deer, keeping low to the ground. Curiosity and hunger take over. As I remain still the deer advances. As it goes to eat the food I wrap the rope around its neck.

This is the crucial moment. As the deer tries to escape I hold the rope in my hands. If the rope holds and doesn’t snap I have food for the next couple of days, if it snaps the process starts all over again. Thankfully, my rope holds. Once the frightened deer has settled down I offer it some berries before leading it towards my make shift home.

Upon returning to my small, falling apart, cabin in the woods I can tell someone has been here. Quickly, I tie up my meal, fit my bow with an arrow and enter my home.

So this is the beginning of my story. Please review to let me know what you think. is Alstroemeria.....
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