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Just a quick green day fan fic of woodstalks famous dookie fight!

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It was woodstalk 94' yep the dookie fight speacialized by green day. Well let's get back to the story. It was 1994 and green day was about to get on stage. They had all their amps set up and Tre was jacked up on redbull ( if it was around then ). They were about to get on stage but then.

" hey Mike where's tre?" Bille Joe asked.

" ummmm, over their!" Mikey screamed

Tre was so hyped up he was about to jump onto a pile of beer bottles!then Billie Joe grabbed him by the arm and grabbed his drumsticks. Mike helped Billie Joe with blue and they went onstage. Tre saw his seat and ran like a wild dork to his chair. Finally they started playing their first song was basket case, then 2000 light years away, next welcome to paradise, then she and so on and so on. Then when the concert was almost over a mud fight broke out it was known as the best woodstock fight ever! Also people were jumping onstage and a guard mistaked mike for a person from the crowd an he flipped him!
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