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Part 3

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Now we are getting into the story now xD The last two chapters was to basically welcome you in xD


Fun Ghoul :

Dust. White dust surrounded the ground. My eyes burning. My stomach growling. My arms shaking. Darkness engulfed Battery City. Finding my feet and holding the van to stand up. Wait a minute. How did i get to the van? Was i not inside BLI? Then i turned.

"Oh my god" Were the words that managed to come out. The killjoys lay face down. Not moving. Not breathing. Dead. The corpses lying as if they were outnumbered by millions. Easily killed and didn't put up a good enough fight. My mouth gaped and my mind was confused. The last thing i remember was being face to face with a draculoid and Party Poison gunning him down. After that it's all a blank. Then i heard a crunch and the blonde hair arose from the ground.

"Kobra Kid!" I shouted running over to him making sure i didn't stand on any of the boides. He had his gun pointed at me not realizing who i was until i appraoched him.

"You are alive Ghoul!" His voice shocked and his arms pulling me into a hug.

"Thank fuck your okay!" I said. His body wa stiff and cold. The rain was beginning to descend on both our bodies and the corpses.

"Is anyone else alive?" Kobra Kid said his eyes directed at a girl's cold dead body.

"I don't know, we have to find Party Poison and Jet Star and i plead they are alive" I said looking at him directly in the face.

"So do i" Kid said still expressionless. We then began to search around the bodies. Seeing the lifeless face's of the killjoy's who were friends with. Radioactive Romance, Music Catastrophe, Rainbow Bullet, Atomic Panda. They were just some who lay amoung them.

"GHOUL!" Kid shouted. I automatically turned around and ran over to him. He had found Jet Star.

"Oh fuck your alive!" I said. A giant smile plastered across my face.

"Yeah, but my arm is broken and my ray gun is missing" His voice was hoarse and filled with pain.

"That does not matter as long as your alive" Kid said. I don't know how he was keeping calm. But i was glad that the two of them were alive, all that was left was to find Party Poison and hopefully find Dr. Death Defyign and Showpony.

"Have you guys found Poison yet?" Jet Star asked holding his arm.

"No luck" Kid said looking at the ground. More than likely his mind was thinking what if his brother was dead? How was he going to continue on? But with me and Ray he will find the strength to carry on.

"Well we will have to find him" Jet Star said.

"Get into the van and me and Ghoul will find Poison, you dont want that arm to get any worse" Kid said. I had never seen him be so strict especially to Star. It was beginning to really creep the shit out of me. Like teenagers do to Poison, he is scared shitless of them.

"Okay" Jet Star agreed. Me and Kid helped him up and plopped him softly into the van.

"Get him some ice" I suggested

"Good idea" Kid then opened the mini freezer we had and grabbed an old cloth and wrapped some ice cubes in it and gave it to Jet Star who placed it on his arm.

"It should make the swelling go down" I smiled

"Thankyou" Jet Star smiled. Me and Kid bidded him goodbye and went to look for Poison who coincidentally was standing taking in thw sight outside.

"That was easy" I laughed

"POISON!" Kid shouted. Poison looked up, gun in hand. Me and Kid then ran over to him knocking him down to the ground.

"YOUR OKAY!" I shouted

"Yes i am" Poison said, his eyes still shocked from thr sight of the dead bodies, he obivously figured that the rest of us would be lying on the ground among the corpse's.

"Thank fuck we are all okay" Kid said running his left hand through his hair

"Is Star alive?" Poison asked standing up.

"Yes, but he has a broken arm" Kid answered

"Ah shit" Poison said.

"I can't believe we are alive!" I said

"Dr. Death Defying and Showpony isn't" Poison said

"Huh?" Me and Kid said looking at Poison.

"I found their bodies in BLI, i was lying on the ground against a wall and i woke up and the first thing i seen was Showpony lifeless, i checked his pulse but there was none and then a few feet away was Dr. Death Defying, same case with him" Poison said lighting a cigarette.

"Then we are the only one's who have survived" Kobria Kid said.

"Yeah" I smiled. We then began to walk back to the van.

"They died of a good cause, at least they had the guts to go against BLI" Poison said lookign at the girl and boy killjoys

"Yeah, they fought well" I agreed.

"Oh your okay!" Jey Star smiled at the sight of Poison

"Us 4 are the only ones alive" Kid said

"Really?" Jet Star said becoming shocked

"Everyone else is dead" I said scratching the back of my neck.

"Korse is still alive" Kid said looking out the window. Automatically each one of us fell to the floor. Me, Poison and Kid looked out the window seeing Korse smiling evilly at the dead bodies

"We have wiped them out" We heard Korse said victoriously

"No more Killjoys" He added. The Draculoids looked around and we ducked our heads.

"You know what this means" Poison said with realization.

"What?" Me, Kid and Star asked

"We have to find a source of help" He said "We cant take Korse down by ourselves" He added

"True, but what are we gonna do?" Kid asked

"The Black Parade is the only source of help i can think of" Poison said

"So we will have to get in contact with them" I said

"Wait, how?" Kid asked

"Easy we drive to the City of where they are" Poison said getting out his pocket map.

"And where is that?" Kobra kid asked

"Stop with the questions" Poison said laying the map out on the floor.

"Korse is away back into BLI" I said giving the all clear

"Good" Jet Star said

"The Black Parade march here" Poison pointed to a forest area on the map

"That is so far" Kid complained

"It will take us about a day to get there" Poison said wrapping up the map.

"Do you think they would help?" Jet Star asked

"More than likely im friends with Gerard" Poison smiled

"Isn't he the general?" Kid asked

"Yep, so he will help" Poison said a hopeful smile across his lips. Hopefully they will.
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