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Partial results.

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I still need some more people..

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Firstly, can I just say, I loved all your auditions they were really awesome and I was well pleased :)
Secondly, because they were so amazing, I gave you all a part, even if they weren't the parts you wanted. I've also changed some stuff like ages etc. and some of the back stories to fit with the ones of the MCR boys if your their siblings, but I've changed minor parts, most of its the same, so if any of that's gonna be a problem, let me know.
Thirdly, I stil need parts for one of Ray's brothers and Frank's brother. I can't start the story without these parts so I really need people to audition for them. And anyone auditioning for Frank's brother, Frank's mum has schizophrenia, just so you know.
Anyway, on with the results (most of them) and I added some extra parts because I wanted to fit all of you in:

The now five main characters: xx_eddi_xx, Mikeys_Glasses, ElectricBlackOut, ZombieSlayer13x and XCherrikidXD.
ElectricBlackOut- is it okay if I change your age to 18? Because they kind of need to be college age in the UK.

Gerard and Mikeys's now two younger sisters: detonationmouse and aMoronGoneViral.
detonationmouse- can I change the part about moving to Jersey? Cos the stories set in the UK and you're gonna be adopted along with Gerard and Mikey if that's okay, but you're their real sister.

One of Ray's brothers: bloodbunny15.

XEvil_AngelX- can I change your age to 19 and make you Ray's older sister? I think it would work better.

VelocityBandit- you're gonna be a really good friend of Gerard and Mikey's they met when they first moved to the UK, if that's alright, but you'll still be regularly featured.

Okay, so that's all the auditions I got so far and I hope I'll get Ray's and Frank's brothers soon. Thank you everyone who auditioned!
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