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"Flesh, corrupted by paradise." A poem I wrote, please let me know what you think.

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Rage, rage, spirit, spirit
Joined together in a somber vision
Defied by victory
A cryptic mission
Flesh, corrupted by paradise
Trouble, unleashed on souls
The fresh tendrils of life
Voyage to the well known
Safest thoughts, monitoring dreams
Nothing here, nothing to be seen


Lost, lost, anger, anger
No-one knows of the souls to be saved
Spiking through hearts and eyes
Thousand lies a day
Truth, hidden by false gods
Hatred, crushed by the mighty
Preserved meats against all odds
Human, are we? only slightly
They're one thing, we another
A starving child without its mother


Sight, sight, control, control
Throughout it all we still are blinded
Boisterous souls become crushed
Not strong enough to defend
Love, a treasured work of fiction
Longing, torn from souls
Veins flowing with contradiction
Dreams turn to vicious black holes
Strangled hopes, destroyed emotions
A rotting corspe without motion


Seek, seek, frozen, frozen
Destruction visits on invitation
Gone with the holy
The train goes past this station
You, seemingly innocent
Deadly, don't need an excuse
The fall imminent
Minds wounded with abuse
Travelling on, murdering spirit
Here for an eternity, destroyed in a minute
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