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The Hitman

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A hitman is called upon by a mysterious man.

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I sat in my newly purchased Prsche Carerra GT listneing to the radio. I killed those who told secrets of the companies they worked for for a living. However, two months ago, I was greeted with a new case. I remember that incident like no other. After all, I was still completing it. I was at my apartment, getting ready for bed and finishing counting my last bit of money. The time was around midnight. I had received a phone call from some old dude, from the sound of it, who asked me to meet him and set up an arrangement of what he had planned for me to. Naturally, I went to his home.
I followed his directions and arrived at an old, musky wherehouse. Huge in size but lacking that homey feel to it. I entered and went to the third floor, as instructed. There, I was greeted by the sight of gruesome contraptions. They looked like torchering devices. I picked one up that looked as if it was placed around someone's neck. It had two parts, one front side and one back side, filled with pointed spikes. The only holes on it were those left for the eyes.
"Who is this guy?" I asked myself.
Suddenly, I heard a cough from behind me and as an instinct whipped out my .45 handgun. I moved towards the coughing. I could now hear heavy rasping.
"Who's there?"
I light was flashed on and my eyes stung as they adjusted. I shielded them for help and then lowered my hand. There, my eyes met with those of the freakish clown i ever saw. It had thin, shiny hair and red spirals on its cheeks. It wore a tuxedo and sat upon a tricycle. I knew immediately it wasn't real however it still scared me. I lowered my gun and took a deep breath to calm myself.
"It's only a toy."
I walked up to the dumb thing and kicked it. It fell over on it's right side. I turned around and laughed, pulling out a cigarette. Placing it in my mouth, I was about to light it when the same voice I heard on the phone rang out over the musky room.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," it said.
"Why not?" I responded.
"The room you are standing in has been fillin up with a highly explosive gas. It has been running for about two hours now and I figure enough has run through the room to blow you and all of the evidence you see to ashes."
I lowered my lighter and spit the cancer from my mouth.
"Ok," I said, enraged. "You called me hear. What do you want with me?"
"I need you to kidnap some people for me."
"I'm sorry," I replied. "I don't do kidnappings."
"You will be well payed."
"How much are we talking here?"
"Your life."
My body froze and fear shot through me. However, I wasn't going to let him hear it.
"What do you mean?"
"Right now, I am holding a detonation device that controls the four bombs placed around that room. If you agree, I let you go. If you tell me no, you will be greeted by two thousand degrees of flame."
"Why? Why me?"
"For ten years you have been doing others dirty work and ending the lives of those who were trying to save themselves and stop that which is bad. Now, you are faced with that same challenge. You must save yourself and stop what may be your death. However much you deserve to die."
"Fine, I'll do it. I'll need names, location, age, and a biography."
"You'll find all that information in the folder on the desk in front of you."
I remeber reading through the information and seeing all of the people he wanted to kidnap all had criminal backgrounds. One was a drug dealer, another was a prostitute, another was a murderer. This time, I needed answers.
"What are you going to do to these people?"
"I am going to play a game with them. Nothing more, and nothing less."
"Like the game you are playing with me?"
"To a point, yes. It's exactly what you do but instead of you doing the killing, they will do it themselves."
"Ok," I yelled. "I get the point. When I have them I will bring them back here."
I had kidnapped all of them far to easily and had returned them to this man. Did I have a guilty conscience? Not the slightest. After all, these were criminals. Now, I sat in my car, listening to the radio and smoking a cigar as those memories rushed into my head. Then, a breaking announcement rang through my speakers.
"The mass murderer known as Jigsaw strikes again. Six bodies were found earlier today in an abandoned house. They had been brutally murdered in unimaginable ways. One of which is our very own Detective Matthews. For quite some time he has killed without leaving a trace of evidence of who he was. Now, we know. His name was John and we found his body in a van parked outside of the house and he was holding a picture of his accomplice. A forty-year old man by the name of Michael Murray."
The cigarette dropped from my mouth as my name rang through my ears. He had just framed me for murder.
"The police are on the search for this man and if you have any imformation please contact the witness hotline."
The report ended and I sat there, stunned. I was wanted for murder. I had been framed by this man called Jigsaw. I leaned back in my seat wondering what was gonna happen when I looked into my mirror and saw the face of a twenty year old girl who I recognized from the paper as Amanda who had been a part of Jigsaw's puzzles.
She grabbed me by the throat and pulled me close, whispering in my ear in the feminine voice young girls have, "I want to play a game."

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