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Sweet Deception

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Sooner or later, I had to see.

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Hi, so this is just a really short little poem I needed to get out. I feel like shit, so excuse me if this isn't great. It was just something I needed to write. Feedback is much appreciated, and anyone reading Trying to Escape the Inevitable, that should be updated tomorrow :)

Sweet Deception

Sad eyes and sweet deception,
Illusory smiles and misleading perfection,
Stitched-up truth away from me,
Your true colours I’m blind to see.

Scars of fallacy and fictitious lips,
Told a story I’d never untwist,
Perfect sunsets and starry kisses,
Distorted to bleak black abysses.

Sad eyes and sweet deception,
Sooner or later, I had to see.

I had to fall.

I had to drown.

I had to scream.

I had to see.

The black-lead lies,
That kissed my lips in treacherous grime.
The crumbled smiles,
That ghosted my world in blackened slime.
Your blood



And their truth
That infiltrated my mind.

And now I can’t stop seeing.

So let me go. Let me breathe. Let me out.



Thoughts? I'd really love to know your opinions (Especially rates), and like I said, sorry if this isn't my best- I feel absolutely terrible right now. Anyway, thanks for reading :)

CosmicZombie xo
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