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Chaptet Three

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Jared wakes up and faces a new doctor with sinister ideas.

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Chapter Three

I woke up with my eyes ablaze due to the fluorescent lights above me and my head aching like I’d just been knocked to the ground impossibly hard. I let my mind wander over the memories, trying to clutch at them. I had been knocked to the ground. Where the hell was I? Who was that woman?

I tried to sit up, tried to move but I was kept there. I looked down at my hands only to find that there were straps on my wrists and across my chest while I laid in bed. I winced because of the tightness of the straps and tried to take a deep breath. The remnants of whatever drug I had been on earlier was still there in my foggy mind but I was so used to it I managed to push past it.

The door opened then and my eyes shot to the doctor standing there. It wasn’t my usual doctor, figured the old pug was too old to deal with me. Instead it was a younger man, gray still streaked his dark hair but his eyes remained youthful. He looked like he knew what the hell he was doing and I was scared of that. If he was the kind of guy who followed the rules because he was born to make them that meant I was once again at the mercy of someone who only wanted my memories. The ones I couldn’t recollect.

“Hello Jared…good sleep?” He asked, a fluid voice as he looked over a chart in his hold.

I didn’t answer, my mouth was still too dry and I couldn’t quite decide what I was going to say to him. I didn’t feel comfortable, something in me begged to be let go, to force away the bindings holding me there and get the hell out. How was I supposed to do that though? Push the good doctor out of the way?

“Do you remember anything about last night?” He set down his chart and pressed a button allowing me to sit up without being let go.

I nodded slightly, able now to make a movement without discomfort.

“And?” His brow lifted above the lens of his glasses and he waited expectantly. He was smug enough I almost had the thought to take the pencil he was holding and drive it through his eye.

“I was walking out in the halls and this….girl…or something…she came out, she was covered in blood and she jumped on me…told me to kill her…and then I…that’s it.” My voice was broken and the words no doubt sounded more stupid than they seemed.

“Ah.” He said like he understood but then he looked me in my eyes. “And how did you get to be outside of your room in the first place?”

“That’s something I’d like to know.” I replied.

“The security cameras from last night went out until the guard found you laying almost comatose in the halls.”

I could have gasped at the cliche. Of course. Hadn’t that happened in Gothika?

“We don’t take kindly to patients who think they have run of this penitentiary. Who do tricks and trades to be let out in the middle of the night.” He was angry, that much was obvious. I could see his brows furrow, knitting together almost violently.

“I figured that much.”

The doctor turned around, made a light tap on the door and turned back to me. He had something of a victorious smile on his face. Oh yes, he sure knew what he was doing.

Two male nurses came in, their uniforms more blinding than a bright light and looked to the doctor for their orders.

“Take him now. I’m pretty sure he’s ready for his punishment.” There was a glance of his teeth from between his thin lips but when he turned to me the smile was gone. “I hope you got your rest, you’re gonna need it.”

The nurses took the straps off and for a moment I was relieved but then they took me up by my arms and forced me out of the room. I had no idea what was happening.
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