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A dream come true.

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Cassie goes to an All time low concert, Alex decides to crowd surf and gets injured, they meet at the back of the crowd and decide to head back to the tour bus... ~ONE SHOT~

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Cassie jumped wildly, shouting along to the songs. Even though she was at the back of the crowd it was still great just being there. Suddenly Alex jumped into the crowd and started to crowd surf, the crowd screamed loudly, passing him all around soon he reached the back, where the crowd stopped. He fell and hit the floor face down. He got up, groaning and clutching his head. Before anyone could reach him, Cassie grabbed his hand and took him away from the crowd, "A-Alex... Are you o-okay?" she managed to ask, looking concerned. Alex nodded and smiled, "C'mon, the show's literally over anyway. I wanna show you to the band" Cassie's mouth dropped, "T-the.. B-band?" She asked, Alex nodded holding her hand tight and pulling her out of the doors. Cassie shivered slightly and mumbled "Shit.. It's cold..." Not willing to take off his shirt because that's all he had on, Alex put him arm around her and pulled her in close. When they finally reached the tour bus Alex opened the door and helped Cassie up the steps, "Yo, guys. This is Cassie, she helped me when I fell." He shouted, pointing at her. A chorus of "Hey Cassie" filled the bus as Jack, Zack and Rian came over to speak to her. Suddenly Tay pushed past the boys and pounced onto Alex, "Oh baby, I missed you." She squealed. "I was gone for two hours..." Alex laughed awkwardly, "I know, but still." She replied kissing him before getting off him and looking at Cassie, "Who the fuck is she?" She asked, shooting Cassie an evil look, "Oh, that's Cassie," Zack replied, "Alex fell, and she helped him back to the bus." Tay looked Cassie up and down, judging her mentally 'What a bitch, laying hands on my Alex. Ugh, whore.' She thought. Cassie mumbled "Hi..." and smiled at Tay, Tay walked off to her room in a mood. An awkward silence crept up on them. Jack decided it would be a good idea to break this silence by whispering "Boobs." Cassie giggled softly and the others just rolled their eyes letting a smirk or a smile show. Alex took Cassie's hand again and showed her around the bus, "Last but not least. The kitchen," Alex smiled, "Drink?" He asked, opening the fridge. Cassie shook her head but politely thanked him. She inched closer to Alex and lifted up his fringe, taking a look at his head, "Now, are you sure that you're okay? It's just you seem to..." Before Cassie could finish her sentence Alex cut in with a kiss, he put his palms on her face and slowly and gently caressed her lips. She was gob smacked but returned the kiss anyway. Just as Alex was about to deepen the kiss, Tay appeared. She grabbed Cassie and pulled her off of Alex, "What the fuck!?" She screamed, the others came rushing in to see what the chaos was about. "Listen Tay, it was me..." Alex started but was interrupted by Cassie, "It wasn't Alex, it was me. I'm really sorry, I don't know what I was thinking... I just saw the moment and grabbed it without thinking." Cassie said quickly. Tay slapped Cassie around the face, screamed some shit at her and pushed her out of the bus. Cassie placed a hand on her sore cheek and looked at the tour bus whilst tearing up. Tay looked at Alex, "Finally that slut's gone, are you okay, honey? Did she hurt you?" Tay asked, putting on an innocent voice. Alex nodded, "I'm perfectly fine, she didn't hurt me. She helped me." Alex replied making sure she understood that she had helped him. "What you did to her, Tay... That was fucking disgusting. She lied, so I wouldn't get hurt. I came onto her. You know what? We're over." Tay stared at Alex before he walked away to find Cassie. He found her outside walking away quickly, "STOP! CASSIE, WAIT!" He shouted, running up to her and grabbing her by the shoulder. He could see that she was upset and hurt. "I'm really sorry about Tay," he started "I.. The way she treated you... It was horrible, disgusting... Me and Tay, we're over. You're the one that I want, Cassie... You." Cassie looked up into his eyes and sniffed, "Honestly?" She asked. Alex nodded, wiping away her tears and pressing his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. She felt as though she could kiss him forever and the best part was... He felt the same.

I know it says Fall Out Boy, I was going to add Pete Wentz in but then when I went to add the character's there weren't any e-e
In the end I decided not to add Pete, and they don't have an All Time Low category so yeah.
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