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Frerard Lives....Kinda

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A list of every Frerard quote/conversation I could come up with on a wim.

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Frank: Me and Gerard… We talk, we cry and he’s still Gerard Way

Frank: Usually, when we’re playing, me and Gerard can look at each other and no matter what’s going on, I can pull back and go for it.

Gerard: Frank would help you bury the body.

Frank: Gerard, in my view, is the second coolest motherfucker on the Earth… second because I’m first and therefore cooler!

Frank: I’d date Gerard.
Gerard: Ha! I looked hot as a chick!

Frank: We used to soak ourselves in fake blood and then me and Gerard would wake up stuck to each other.

Gerard: Frank is an extremely passionate, headstrong, kind of rebellious individual but extremely loyal and honest. He’s the kind of guy that would do anything for his friends.

(talking about their action figures; Gerard says they could give them as gifts)
Gerard: It’s the present of me!
Host: Is there any better gift to give?
Frank: Not at all!

Frank: We live on each other… we’re in each others faces.
Gerard: We sleep with each other.
Frank: Like, 24/7, yeah. I mean, that’s it. It’s us and the world.

Frank: You really have to love someone to smell them at their worst.
Gerard: Yeah… I get pretty gruesome, too.

Gerard: You probably came with your best friend… you to turn to that motherfucker, you grab ‘em by the throat and you say, ‘You’re my best fucking friend, and I would die for you!
(Frank grabs Gerard’s throat.)

Frank: Gerard… is very sensitive, but very, very, very smart. And sometimes you don’t always see it, ‘cause he’s not book-smart, he’s just an idealist, he’s like a genius. And like his brother, very kind.

Frank: Gerard is as close to genius as you could possibly get.

Gerard: Yeah, Frank is pretty sexy. We’re all kinda sexy. Our fans definitely are.

Frank: That Gerard can be a hero for kids these days, it’s a little funny because I really know what he’s like, you know, he’s a… he’s a huge nerd! But he’s a smart motherfucker and has a lot to say and I can be cool with that; that that’s their hero.

Gerard: I said to myself fuck art. It wasn’t doing anything for me, anything for people. I said to myself ‘Let me just go and, I guess… make music’… I had never, like, really done it, so I didn’t know if I was going to be any good at it, I still don’t know if I am.
Frank: (smiles) You’re very good at it, Gerard.
Gerard: (smiles back) Well, thank you.

Frank: I knitted him a pair of socks, and rubbed his neck. He liked the socks.
(about what he gave to Gerard on his 30th birthday.)

Frank: (when asked how Gerard’s interest in horror movies and dark imagery affected the rest of the band.) Well, he makes me wear these gloves all the time. (gestures to his skeleton gloves.)

Frank: We wouldn’t be able to replace Gerard.

Gerard: I love you.
Frank: I love you too.

Gerard: I just got a real cool t-shirt that says “I love Frank Iero”, which I do.

Frank: We’re a pretty sexy band. Look at Gerard, he can shake his ass. Hire us and he will shake his ass for you all. He’s bringing sexy back.

Gerard: Aw, look how damn nervous he was! Isn’t he adorable? He’s been practicing all day, I didn’t even know there was a beginning to that fucking song. I mean, Frank’s just the most fucking adorable thing. He’s so cute.

Interviewer: You guys have a very loyal following, why do you think that is? What’s the secret?
Frank: Uhm… I think honesty. And a little Gerard doesn’t hurt. Yeah… You spring a little bit of Gerard, and a little bit honesty. And you know maybe a hook here and there. A chorus slipped down underneath, stir it around… there you go!

Fan: Can you kiss Frank like you did on Saturday?
Gerard: Hell no! That is not a command thing, that just happens.

Guy: What happened when you kissed Frank out there on Saturday?
Gerard: Magic! Fireworks! I was just getting even with him.
Guy: Really?
Gerard: Yeah.
Guy: I don’t think we want to know what he did to you!
Gerard: You don’t. You don’t.

(introducing Famous Last Words.)
Gerard: This is for my one true love… where you at, boo?
Frank: I’m over here!

Interviewer: Does Gerard sleep naked?
Frank: Yes, he does.
Gerard: Noo! Wait, what?
Frank: You did when you slept with me! He told me it had to be that way.

Frank: I never expected it to be that easy or cut-and-dry. I mean it’s Gerard, we would have given him a million chances. But he’s very strong. He’s never slipped up. He tried to take Nyquil once and I smacked him.
(about Gerard’s rehab.)

Gerard: What is this? Pink bunny ears? Well, as much as I know you want me to put these on, they’ll clash with my outfit. I do know my good friend Iero here’ll like them.

I know you're all passionate Frerard believers, so I hope I haven't really flawed this list I made. I just came up with it all on a wim, so I didn't research or anything. Pardon me if anything's wrong. If you have a quote/convo I don't have up here, feel free to suggest it and I'll add it!
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