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Problem Child, Keep Your Mouth Shut

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"Go find misery in someone's joy." Lyrics. Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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Problem Child, Keep Your Mouth Shut

The scars have faded,
Pretty little girl innocently jaded.
Whatever the fuck that means,
Eyeliner and worn-out jeans,
Taking down kings and queens.

Bound by your shame,
Searching for a God to blame.
Leave well alone, baby boy,
Go find misery in someone's joy,
I won't be your sweet silly toy.

Blood on your sleeves,
Hearts falling like ruby leaves.
You freaks make me sick,
Being fed and doing a trick,
Acting like a goddamn dick.

Too scared to admit you're a kid,
Too poor to make a bid.
Life ran away from us,
Those who don't like fuss,
And want to sleep under a bus.

I refuse to be me,
No, I won't let you see.
You didn't want it so you lost it,
Your chance to pull me from the pit,
And soothe away each slit.

World too busy spinning,
To see it's youth not grinning.
Rats teaching your children their ways,
Because they know what pays,
Not being you and doing what he says.

You lost me at "hello",
Because you just didn't know.
Is it wrong to want to die?
Is it wrong to want to fly?
If yes, then why?

Everyone's killing,
I find the blood filling.
I'm the only one left,
Too null to be bereft,
Because the end of the world's all I want.

A/N: This, ladies and gents, is a perfect example of how to not write lyrics. What can I say? There's something about listening to MCR and FOB that makes me want to write, no matter how crappy the outcome.
Please let me know what you think! :)
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