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Chapter 20.1

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I have chhanged things that don't go with what really happened so beware...

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Jenny found her way to Jimmy's room and knocked on the door, "Come in." He called out. She opened the door and stepped inside, "Jim, where are you?" She called to him. "In bed." He replied. She stepped into the bedroom to find him balled up under the blankets. "What are you still doing in bed?" She asked as she plopped down next to him. She looked down to see that he had been crying, "Jimmy is everything alright?" She asked as she layed down next to him and stroked his messy black hair. "No" He replied, "You remember my old girlfriend Vera? Well she got pregnant and and said she wanted no parts of me in the baby's life and that was about two years ago. Now she doesn't want her any more and expects me to take her." He sobbed, "I want to but I don't bloody know how to care for her." Jenny kissed his head, "What's her name?" "Angela." He sighed. "You can do this, Jimmy." She encuraged gently. "I can't even keep myself out of trouble." He grumbled. "When's she coming?" She asked. "Today." He replied grimly.
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