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Chapter 7

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“(Inora, what on earth are you doing?)” Dan asked. I froze and could feel the heat creep up on my cheeks, I had so hoped I wouldn’t be caught. And it was the most ridiculous position to be caught in too. I was washing my hands before starting everyone’s breakfast when I was overwhelmed by the smell of soap…again. I had glanced around and when I saw that no one was close by I decided to try it just this once. Unfortunately that’s when Dan had decided to walk in. So here I am, frozen with my tongue sticking out to the back of my hand.
“(I…)” I scrambled to try to explain but of course before I could talk the tongue had to be put away and…wow. I hadn’t expected for the soap to actually taste good. I thought I would taste horrible like it was supposed to then I wouldn’t want it any more. Just my luck, now I want more.
“(You have cravings for soap? That is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of,)” he said before laughing. I rinsed off my hands quickly and dried them before starting on breakfast. He was still laughing. Jerk.
“(If you don’t stop laughing I won’t make enough for you,)” I threatened. He tried unsuccessfully to control himself then ended up just sitting at the table and burying his face in his arms.
“(I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s not so much what your craving is, but more what I just caught you doing,)” Dan’s muffled voice reasoned. Well I can’t really blame him for that I guess.
“(Yeah, yeah. Make fun of the pregnant lady. That’s smart,)” I said with extreme sarcasm. After a while he calmed down and started on his news paper while I finished breakfast. I laid it out on the table and Dan looked it over appreciatively.
“(Man Hatori is a lucky guy. You’ve gotten way better at cooking and I remember you were still pretty good before you left,)” Dan said as he took some French toast, then finished loading up his plate with sausage and eggs.
“Hatori, there’s food on the table!” I called up the stairs. It’s what my mom used to say when it was time to eat and I had started using it with Hatori soon after we were married. Of course, in Japanese instead of English.
“Smells great,” Hatori said from the stairs.
“Thanks, and I would hurry before Dan eats it all,” I said and turned to look at him. “What were…you…wow.” He was in a black suit with a red tie, he looked amazing. Not that he didn’t always look amazing of course.
“Do you like it?” he asked with a smile that told me he knew my answer.
“If Dan wasn’t here I might try to rip it off you. Uh… what’s the occasion?” I asked.
“I thought we would go visit your parents while we were here,” he said as he went to sit next to Dan who had stopped eating to stare at him.
“Oh! Yeah I was planning to go today. I guess I should have realized that you’d want to go too,” I muttered and sat across from them.
“(What’s he all decked out for?)” Dan asked.
“(To meet mom and dad,)” I said.
“(Oh yeah. You see in Japanese culture they seem to have a close bond with the dead. They will go to the person’s grave and speak to them as if they are actually there and not just their body. They also set up little shrines in the home. Incense, flowers and the like surrounding the loved ones picture. Which reminds me can I take that picture of mom and dad on their last anniversary?)” I had almost forgotten that Hatori had asked if I wanted to do that long ago.
“(Of course. You wanted to make one of those shine things?)”
“(Actually it was Ha’ri’s idea, but I think that would be nice,)” I said and got up “(Plus Hatori has never seen them.)”
“(Oh. I didn’t know he hadn’t ever seen them.)”
“(Well I didn’t bring any pictures with me. It was only supposed to be temporary,)” I laughed as I grabbed the picture to bring back to the table.
“(Yeah we all saw how that turned out,)” he grumbled. I draped myself over Hatori’s back and held the picture up in front of his face.
“What do you think of this one?” I asked. He took it and looked at it closely, like he was trying to memorize their faces, which he probably was. “For their last anniversary Dan and I took them to get their picture taken. I remember, I said something that made them laugh and the photographer thought quick enough to hit the button.”
“They look so happy. Of course with you around it’s hard not to be,” he said.
“You are just… adorable,” I said and kissed his cheek. “We ended up getting that one because it shows exactly what they are like. They were kind, loving and all around happy people. And they would laugh at the drop of a hat as you can see.”
“Then it’s absolutely perfect to use. Does Dan want to come with us to the grave?” he asked.
“(Dan you’re welcome to come with us if you want,)” I said, stretching my neck back to see around Hatori’s head.
“(Well… I don’t want to intrude on your moment that’s bound to happen, but I’m really curious. I’ll have to at least put on a better shirt. He makes me look like a slob.)”
“(He always makes everyone look like a slob. And as for the ‘moment’ thing we are used to having our moments with a room full of people now.)”
“(Ok… but I’m still changing my shirt.)”
(Dan’s POV) A/N: Dan can only speak English so…yeah. Nothing is in Japanese lol ;)
We decided to walk, it was such a nice day and it wasn’t very far. We stopped by a little flower shop and picked out some nice bouquets before finally reaching the cemetery.
“Ha’ri likes the spot we got for them,” Inora informed me. I looked up at the trees that were swaying lazily in the breeze.
“Yeah we got lucky,” I said still looking around. My attention was brought suddenly back to the grave as Hatori’s deep voice quietly started up. He placed the flowers carefully by each head stone and crouched down in the middle facing them. He continued to talk in a low soothing voice and my curiosity got the better of me. I stepped closer to Inora so I wouldn’t disturb him.
“What is he saying?” I whispered.
“H-he,” her voice was shaking, she cleared her throat and started again. “He’s saying… he knows they watch over us but that he wishes he could have known them in life. He knows that they were wonderful people because they raised two more wonderful people…and… he is also assuring them that he loves me with all of his heart. Oh sorry… will always love me with all of his… heart or strength maybe?”
“Something tells me your translation leaves something to be desired,” I muttered.
“Well Japanese doesn’t translate very well into English so I was paraphrasing,” she laughed. He looked at us questioningly and she explained, to which he gave a smile. I was glad to see that smile on him. The first time I had met him I had seen the way he looked at her. From what little had gotten translated back and forth between us he was the one I liked the most out of all the guys after her, she still doesn’t know how many guys I scared away from her. Still… he seemed too serious. Inora was such a lighthearted person I didn’t think it would go well after a while.
During the phone call he made, asking for her hand in marriage, I could tell he had lightened up quite a bit. After Eric I was protective of her. Perhaps too protective at times… trying to permanently damage Shigure being one of those times. So to have Hatori come though and fix the only thing I could find wrong with him, well, I was ecstatic.
“I hate to ruin this moment but seeing as you are heading out tonight we should probably head home,” I said. Just as I had expected they would, they were having a moment. From the look on Inora’s face she was telling him amazing he was, which was deserved.
(Inora’s POV)
“I’m sooo tired,” I whined Into Hatori’s shoulder. “Can’t we just go home?”
“We can’t, thanks to the plane delay we only have ten minutes before your appointment starts. And we can’t reschedule. Dr. Ootori Is the best there is so he’s in high demand,” he explained. I blushed at the fact that my doctor was going to be a guy. Oh well… when it comes down to the pushing I’m sure the gender of my doctor will be the last thing on my mind.
“Fine wake me up when we get there,” I mumbled.
“We are there,” he chuckled and helped me out of the car. I drug my feet all the way to the office, I was ridiculously tired. And soar, my back was killing me. He pointed to a chair and I plopped down as he went to talk to the receptionist. My rest was short lived, however as a nurse came out to bring us back.
“Oh you poor dear, you look so tired,” she patted my back as I sat on the table.
“Our plane was delayed. There was supposed to be a few hours from the time that we landed until now but…” I trailed off with a huge yawn. She started taking my blood pressure.
“Where were you?” she asked kindly.
“America,” I said simply. She asked a few more questions and gave me some water before finishing up her paper work and leaving. I sighed and slumped sideways into Hatori who was just standing next to the table the whole time.
“Be more tired,” I said grumpily and he chuckled. I was about to tell him that I was serious when a man with glasses came in. He looked around Hatori’s age…was this my doctor? He’s so young, how can he be ‘the best’?
“Dr. and Mrs. Sohma, it’s nice to meet you. I am Dr. Ootori, and I’ll be your doctor for the duration of your pregnancy. You are we doing today?” he sounded so… professional.
“Tired,” I said. Thankfully that did cause him to look up and smile.
“Of course, that’s typical.”
“Doesn’t make me any less tired,” I laughed.
“Very true,” he said and chuckled. “Let’s get right down to it then shall we?” He proceeded to ask several questions that Hatori answered while I zoned out.
“Are you ready?” Hatori asked after what felt like forever.
“For what?” I asked.
“Now comes the fun part,” Dr. Ootori said cheerfully. He had me lay back and spread a lot of blue goo all over my stomach. He wheeled over a monitor, turned it on and put the reader/device thingy to my stomach. I was almost afraid to look at the monitor, would the thing on the screen even look human at this point? I wasn’t even really showing yet…
“There it is,” Hatori whispered. I just took a moment to drink in his face, it was so full of wonder and love. I finally looked at the screen… and saw pretty much nothing.
“Here’s the head” the doc said pointing at a blur. “You can see an arm here,” more blur. “And here. You can see the heart beating.” He pointed again and I studied the place hard and finally found it. There it was, it’s tiny little heart already beating away. My baby. Our baby. In that moment the last remainder of my doubts scattered.
“Well Dr. Sohma it seems like you were correct. You are two months pregnant and I’d say…April 30’Th is the due date. Congratulations, it is as healthy as you could ever hope for. Now I understand you wish to wait until delivery to know the gender? Which is fine because at this point it’s too hard to tell anyway,” Doc explained. He continued to get technical with Hatori as I just gazed at my baby’s heart beating away.
“So unless there are any complications we won’t need to see you until delivery?” Hatori asked as the nurse came in and started cleaning me up.
“Precisely,” Doc said and pushed his glasses up with his middle and forefinger. “And once again congratulations you two.” And with that he walked out of the room.
“He’s stuffy,” I said and the nurse snorted. I ran my hand over my stomach and beamed at Hatori. He picked up on what I was trying to convey to him and grinned back at me. He could see that I was finally as happy as he was. I’m going to be a mommy.

(A/N): OMG the doctor. I SO could not help myself. Does anyone out there recognize him? Don’t worry if you just can’t place him I’ll tell you at the beginning of the next chapter, which is gonna be FUN! Weird…but fun. Haha. :) Oh and as for all the Japanese culture with the dead: sorry if any of that was wrong. I tried to look it up but the internet was being surprisingly stubborn on not giving me the info I needed. So I just took what Tohru did around her mom’s grave and a few other Anime’s… yeah.
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