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An update on my stories, or well, mostly my life, since my life does revolve around my story, anyway, yeah.

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I'm soooooo seriously sorry for anyone who reads my story ( i guess not that many people...) cuz my life is seriously packed now, i never knew how dull my life was last year...

Anyway, I joined Modern Dance for Paramount Championship and I'm superbly busy with practices and all that shit, i even skipped class and got caught, lol, but detention was fun, cuz i went after my modern dance Pre-lims, and we were monsters :P

Anyway, carrying on, if we get through pre-lims, i'm gonna be so busy i cant even study, and that sucks. I have a major test this year, and my mid year exam is like in a month, or less ;( And my teacher are giving lots of homework, especially essays, in 3 languages.

Don't worry, I'm slowly working on the stories, and i have lots of new ones too, on second thought, that isn't so good is it.... well just know i will post it during my honeymoon months after my PMR which is after October, god seriously, i hate these tests....

So all in all, I hope ppl who read my stories will forgive me, or maybe you could just slap me and say " YOU BITCH!" ha, i wouldn't mind, that would keep me awake for me to study, heh. Anyway, i already dont get enough sleep so, Bye :)
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