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Well, Goodbye, everybody, I have opto go, gotta leave you all behind and face the truth! To ALL OF MY READERS.

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Hey guys! 

Well... Um, this note is concerning the future of my stories. 
I've come across a new pairing (two of them actually), and have discover that I fucking hate a lot of things about Ficwad. Not the people, you guys are mostly fine. 

But anyway, I can't seem to get to the point. I've only been on here 6 months, you know, but I... I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm not going to delete anything, because I die inside when people do that, but I'm going to be discontinuing a lot of my shit. Some stories I will finish, others I won't.

Fuck the Title I Can't Think of One
Lawn Ornament Extermination Corpse

On Hiatus-
Natural Born Killers

Things I dare not discontinue-
Smutty Rebel Love Song (we don't have much left with that one anyways)
Tricks of the Trade

Now, I may post from time to time, but I'm not sure. I've kind of moved on from Frerard, but it was the first kind of fan fiction I ever read or wrote. Thus, it is my building blocks. Probably no more chartered fics, though. Maybe just some really long one shots. I'm in the process of writing my official 'Final One Shot', but I've been working on it for quite a long time. It's saved to the computers I use for Maths class, so I work on it in my free time. I would expect it in June or May. 

So no more big Frerardy projects from Althea. Except my Collab and SRLS. 

But if anyone's interested, I AM on I don't write Frerard overe there, though. If anyone knows these series, I write for the Mortal Instruments (books are called City of Bones, City of Ashes n similar shit) and for D.Gray-Man. My username is still mychemicalbitchbot. 

Haha... Guys, I'm sorry. You know, when I used to be in the practice of writing a suicide note every week or so (I was worried that if I decided to commit suicide I would forget the note. Funny thing was that I wasn't suicidal.), I used to tell my friends to finish my stories or give out the ideas. Now I'm not even fucking finishing it. 

So, if anyone would like to have the basic plot line to any of my stories, adopt it if you will, email me at, and I'll give you what I have of a plot. You can diverge from it however you like. Tell me your username, though.

Well. So long and god fucking night. (It's not night for me...)

-Althea. Fuck it, just fuck. I can hardly believe I'm doing this... But I think I should move on. Now that I'm thinking about it, this might only be a temporary funk... Shit. I don't know what to do... Bye. Bye. Bye. Tat godard phrase...
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